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Coreopsis maritima

Coreopsis maritima (*)

Cladus: Eukaryota
Regnum: Plantae
Divisio: Magnoliophyta
Classis: Magnoliopsida
Ordo: Asterales
Familia: Asteraceae
Subfamilia: Asteroideae
Tribus: Coreopsideae
Genus: Coreopsis
Sectio: C. sect. Tuckermannia
Species: Coreopsis maritima


Coreopsis maritima (Nutt.) Hook.f.


* Botanical Magazine; or, Flower-Garden Displayed ... London 102: t. 6241. 1876
* USDA, ARS, National Genetic Resources Program. Germplasm Resources Information Network - (GRIN) [Data from 28-Oct-07]. 316634


Coreopsis maritima (sea dahlia or beach coreopsis) is a plant species of the genus Coreopsis in Asteraceae. Coreopsis species are commonly called tickseeds. This species is a perennial that grows 10–40 cm tall but sometimes to 80 cm (4 to 32 inches). Plants bloom in late winter to early summer, with normally one or two flower heads per stem, on 15 to 30 cm long peduncles, but sometimes 4 or more flowers can be found per stem. Coreopsis maritima has foliage that is lobed and mostly linear in shape with lobes that are 5–30 mm long and 1–2 mm wide. The 12–20 mm long flower phyllaries number 12–13, sometimes more, and they are lanceolate shaped. Flower heads have 16-21 ray florets typically and the laminae are 20–35+ mm long. The disc corollas are 5.5–7 mm long. Cypselae or fruits, are 6-7 mm long and oblong-rectangular in shape.[1]

Coreopsis maritima is native to southern California and Baja California, where it grows on ocean bluffs.

Synonyms: Tuckermannia maritima Nuttall.


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