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Classification System: APG IV

Superregnum: Eukaryota
Regnum: Plantae
Cladus: Angiosperms
Cladus: Eudicots
Cladus: Core eudicots
Cladus: Asterids
Cladus: Lamiids
Ordo: Solanales

Familia: Solanaceae
Subfamilia: Solanoideae
Tribus: Physaleae
Subtribus: Withaniinae
Genus: Deprea
Species: D. abra-patriciae – D. altomayoensis – D. andersonii – D. auccana – D. bitteriana – D. bongaraensis – D. cardenasiana – D. chotanae – D. cuyacensis – D. cyanocarpa – D. darcyana – D. dilloniana – D. ecuatoriana – D. glabra – D. grandiflora – D. harlingiana – D. hawkesii – D. kann-rasmussenii – D. longipedunculata – D. lutea – D. macasiana – D. maculatifolia – D. micrantha – D. nieva – D. nubicola – D. orinocensis – D. oxapampensis – D. paneroi – D. parviflora – D. pauciflora – D. pecaensis – D. pedrazae – D. peruviana – D. physalidicalyx – D. pilosa – D. pomacochaensis – D. psilophyta – D. pumila – D. purpurea – D. purpureocarpa – D. sachapapa – D. sagasteguii – D. sapalachensis – D. sawyeriana – D. schjellerupiae – D. steyermarkii – D. subtriflora – D. sylvarum – D. teresitae – D. toledoana – D. vasquezii – D. zakii – D. zamorae

Deprea Raf., Sylva Tellur. 57. (1838)

Type species: Deprea orinocensis Raf., Sylva Tellur. 57. (1838)


Larnax Miers, Ann. Mag. Nat. Hist. ser. 2, 4(19): 37. (1849)


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Deprea is a genus of flowering plants belonging to the family Solanaceae.[1]

Its native range is Costa Rica to Western South America.[1]

The genus name of Deprea is in honour of Alexandre-Armand Desprez (1747–1829), a French doctor and botanist.[2]

Known species:[1]

Deprea abra-patriciae (S.Leiva & Barboza) S.Leiva & Deanna
Deprea altomayoensis (S.Leiva & Quip.) Barboza & Deanna
Deprea andersonii (N.W.Sawyer) Deanna & S.Leiva
Deprea auccana S.Leiva, Barboza & Deanna
Deprea bitteriana (Werderm.) Sawyer & Benítez
Deprea bongaraensis (S.Leiva) Deanna & Barboza
Deprea cardenasiana Hunz.
Deprea chotanae (S.Leiva, Pereyra & Barboza) S.Leiva
Deprea cuyacensis (N.W.Sawyer & S.Leiva) S.Leiva & Lezama
Deprea cyanocarpa Garzón & C.I.Orozco
Deprea darcyana (N.W.Sawyer) Barboza & S.Leiva
Deprea dilloniana (S.Leiva, Quip. & N.W.Sawyer) Barboza
Deprea ecuatoriana Hunz. & Barboza
Deprea glabra (Standl.) Hunz.
Deprea grandiflora (N.W.Sawyer & S.Leiva) Deanna & Barboza
Deprea harlingiana (Hunz. & Barboza) S.Leiva & Deanna
Deprea hawkesii (Hunz.) Deanna
Deprea kann-rasmussenii (S.Leiva & Quip.) S.Leiva & Barboza
Deprea longipedunculata (S.Leiva, E.Rodr. & J.Campos) Barboza
Deprea lutea (S.Leiva) Deanna
Deprea macasiana (Deanna, S.Leiva & Barboza) Barboza
Deprea maculatifolia (E.Rodr. & S.Leiva) S.Leiva
Deprea micrantha S.Leiva & Barboza
Deprea nieva (S.Leiva & N.W.Sawyer) Barboza & Deanna
Deprea nubicola N.W.Sawyer
Deprea orinocensis (Kunth) Raf.
Deprea oxapampensis M.A.Cueva & Treviño
Deprea paneroi C.Benítez de Rojas & M.Martínez
Deprea parviflora (N.W.Sawyer & S.Leiva) S.Leiva
Deprea pauciflora Deanna, Barboza & S.Leiva
Deprea pecaensis S.Leiva, Deanna & Barboza
Deprea pedrazae (S.Leiva & Barboza) Deanna & S.Leiva
Deprea peruviana (Zahlbr.) S.Leiva & Barboza
Deprea physalidicalyx S.Leiva, Barboza & Deanna
Deprea pilosa (S.Leiva, E.Rodr. & J.Campos) Deanna
Deprea pomacochaensis (S.Leiva) Barboza
Deprea psilophyta (N.W.Sawyer) S.Leiva & Deanna
Deprea pumila (S.Leiva, Barboza & Deanna) S.Leiva
Deprea purpurea (S.Leiva) Barboza & S.Leiva
Deprea purpureocarpa (S.Leiva, Deanna & Barboza) Deanna
Deprea sachapapa (Hunz.) S.Leiva & Deanna
Deprea sagasteguii (S.Leiva, Quip. & N.W.Sawyer) Barboza
Deprea sapalachensis S.Leiva & Barboza
Deprea sawyeriana (S.Leiva, E.Rodr. & J.Campos) S.Leiva
Deprea schjellerupiae (S.Leiva & Quip.) Barboza & Deanna
Deprea steyermarkii (Hunz.) S.Leiva & Barboza
Deprea subtriflora (Ruiz & Pav.) D'Arcy
Deprea sylvarum (Standl. & C.V.Morton) Hunz.
Deprea teresitae Deanna & A.Orejuela
Deprea toledoana (Barboza & S.Leiva) Barboza
Deprea vasquezii (S.Leiva, E.Rodr. & J.Campos) Deanna
Deprea zakii Barboza, S.Leiva & Deanna
Deprea zamorae Barboza & S.Leiva


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