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Classification System: APG IV

Superregnum: Eukaryota
Regnum: Plantae
Cladus: Angiosperms
Cladus: Monocots
Ordo: Asparagales

Familia: Orchidaceae
Subfamilia: Orchidoideae
Tribus: Cranichideae
Subtribus: Goodyerinae
Genus: Goodyera
Overview of species (100)

G. afzelii – G. alveolata – G. amoena – G. angustifolia – G. beccarii – G. bifida – G. biflora – G. bomiensis – G. boninensis – G. brachystegia – G. bracteata – G. bradeorum – G. clausa – G. colorata – G. condensata – G. corniculata – G. crocodiliceps – G. cyclopensis – G. daibuzanensis – G. denticulata – G. dolabripetala – G. elmeri – G. erosa – G. erythrodoides – G. fimbrilabia – G. flaccida – G. foliosa – G. fumata – G. fusca – G. gemmata – G. gibbsiae – G. goudotii – G. hachijoensis – G. hemsleyana – G. henryi – G. hispaniolae – G. hispida – G. humicola – G. inmeghema – G. kwangtungensis – G. lamprotaenia – G. lanceolata – G. luzonensis – G. macrophylla – G. major – G. makuensis – G. malipoensis – G. maurevertii – G. micrantha – G. modesta – G. myanmarica – G. nankoensis – G. nantoensis – G. novembrilis – G. oblongifolia – G. ovatilabia – G. pendula – G. perrieri – G. polyphylla – G. porphyrophylla – G. procera – G. pubescens – G. purpusii – G. pusilla – G. ramosii – G. recurva – G. repens – G. reticulata – G. rhombodoides – G. robusta – G. rosea – G. rostellata – G. rostrata – G. rosulacea – G. rubicunda – G. ruttenii – G. schlechtendaliana – G. scripta – G. sechellarum – G. seikomontana – G. similis – G. stelidifera – G. stenopetala – G. striata – G. sumbawana – G. taitensis – G. tesselata – G. thailandica – G. turialbae – G. umbrosa – G. venusta – G. viridiflora – G. vitiensis – G. vittata – G. werneri – G. wolongensis – G. wuana – G. yamiana – G. yunnanensis – G. zacuapanensis

Goodyera R.Br. in W.T.Aiton, Hortus Kew. 5: 197 (1813)

Type species: Goodyera repens (L.) R.Br. in W.T.Aiton, Hortus Kew. 5: 198 (1813)


Epipactis Ség., Pl. Veron. 3: 253 (1754), nom. rej.
Tussaca Raf., Précis Découv. Somiol.: 42 (1814)
Gonogona Link, Enum. Hort. Berol. Alt. 2: 369 (1822)
Eucosia Blume, Bijdr.: 415 (1825)
Cionisaccus Breda, Gen. Sp. Orchid. Asclep. 2: t. 8 (1829)
Georchis Lindl., Edwards's Bot. Reg. 19: t. 1618 (1833)
Geobina Raf., Fl. Tellur. 4: 49 (1838)
Cordylestylis Falc., J. Bot. (Hooker) 4: 74 (1841)
Leucostachys Hoffmanns., Verz. Orchid.: 26 (1842)
Salacistis Rchb.f., Bonplandia (Hannover) 5: 36 (1857)
Elasmatium Dulac, Fl. Hautes-Pyrénées: 121 (1867)
Orchiodes Trew ex Kuntze, Revis. Gen. Pl. 2: 674 (1891)
Peramium Salisb. ex J.M.Coult., Contr. U. S. Natl. Herb. 2: 425 (1894)
Vieillardorchis Kraenzl., Notul. Syst. (Paris) 4: 143 (1928)
Allochilus Gagnep., Bull. Mus. Natl. Hist. Nat., II, 4: 591 (1932)
Bathiorchis Bosser & P.J.Cribb, Adansonia, III, 25: 229 (2003)

Native distribution areas:
Primary references

Brown, R. (1813) Hortus Kewensis; or, a Catalogue of the Plants Cultivated in the Royal Botanic Garden at Kew. London (2nd ed.) 5: 197–198.
Pridgeon, A.M., Cribb, P.J., Chase, M.W. & Rasmussen, F.N. (eds.) 2003. Genera Orchidacearum Volume 3: Orchidoideae (Part two); page 94 ff., Oxford: Oxford University Press. ISBN 0-19-850711-9


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Vernacular names

Deutsch: Netzblatt
English: Rattlesnake plantain
eesti: Öövilge
suomi: Yövilkat
français: Goodyère
hornjoserbsce: Kózlica
italiano: Godiera
日本語: シュスラン属
перем коми: Гудйера
коми: Гудйера
lietuvių: Sidabriukė
кырык мары: Гудйера
polski: Tajęża
русский: Гудайера
удмурт: Гудйера
中文: 斑葉蘭屬

Goodyera, commonly called rattlesnake plantain,[2] jade orchids[3] or ladies' tresses[4] is a wide-ranging genus of orchids in the tribe Cranichideae. About 100 species of Goodyera have been formally described. With a center of diversity in East Asia, Goodyera is found across Europe, Madeira, North and Central America, Australia, and on islands from the west Indian Ocean to the Pacific Ocean. They have a rosette of leaves at their base and usually many small white resupinate flowers. They are similar to orchids in the genus Spiranthes but can be distinguished from them by the shape and colour patterns of the leaves.


Plants in the genus Goodyera are mainly terrestrial plants with a fleshy, creeping rhizome and a loose rosette of leaves at the base of a flowering stem with many small, resupinate flowers. The leaves are elliptic, characteristically asymmetrical and green with white or pale green markings. The entire plant apart from the flowers is covered with slightly sticky hairs. The dorsal sepal and petals overlap, forming a hood over the column and the lateral sepals spread widely. The labellum is not lobed but has a small pouch. Orchids in the genus Spiranthes are similar but Spiranthes lack rhizomes, have flat, non-pouched labella, and display plain green leaves.[2][3]
Taxonomy and naming

The genus Goodyera was first formally described in 1813 by Robert Brown and the description was published in William Aiton's Hortus Kewensis.[1] The genus name honours John Goodyer.[4][5]

Generic delimitation of Goodyera remains problematic, with some authors providing evidence to support a narrower circumscription of the genus.[6][7]

The genus is abbreviated G. in horticultural nomenclature.[8]

With a center of diversity in East Asia, Goodyera is found across Europe, Madeira, North and Central America, Australia, and on islands from the west Indian Ocean to the Pacific Ocean.[1]
List of species

The following is a list of species of Goodyera recognised by the World Checklist of Selected Plant Families as at August 2018:[1]

Goodyera afzelii Schltr. (1918)
Goodyera alveolata Pradhan (1979)
Goodyera amoena Schltr. (1911)
Goodyera angustifolia Schltr. (1905)
Goodyera beccarii Schltr. (1910)
Goodyera bifida (Blume) Blume (1858)
Goodyera biflora (Lindl.) Hook.f. (1890)
Goodyera bomiensis K.Y.Lang (1978)
Goodyera boninensis Nakai (1923)
Goodyera brachystegia Hand.-Mazz. (1936)
Goodyera bracteata Thouars (1822)
Goodyera bradeorum Schltr. (1923)
Goodyera clausa (A.A.Eaton ex Ames) Schltr. (1911)
Goodyera colorata (Blume) Blume (1858)
Goodyera condensata Ormerod & J.J.Wood (2001)
Goodyera corniculata (Rchb.f.) Ackerman
Goodyera crocodiliceps Ormerod (1996)
Goodyera cyclopensis Ormerod (2017)
Goodyera daibuzanensis Yamam. (1932)
Goodyera denticulata J.J.Sm. (1934)
Goodyera dolabripetala (Ames) Schltr. (1908
Goodyera elmeri (Ames) Ames (1938)
Goodyera erosa (Ames & C.Schweinf.) Ames, F.T.Hubb. & C.Schweinf. (1934)
Goodyera erythrodoides Schltr. (1911)
Goodyera fimbrilabia Ormerod (2006)
Goodyera flaccida Schltr. (1924)
Goodyera foliosa (Lindl.) Benth. ex Hook.f. (1890)
Goodyera fumata Thwaites (1861)
Goodyera fusca (Lindl.) Hook.f. (1890
Goodyera gemmata J.J.Sm. (1909)
Goodyera gibbsiae J.J.Sm. (1922)
Goodyera goudotii Ormerod & Cavestro (2006)
Goodyera hachijoensis Yatabe (1891)
Goodyera hemsleyana King & Pantl. (1895)
Goodyera henryi Rolfe (1896)
Goodyera hispaniolae Dod (1986)
Goodyera hispida Lindl. (1857)
Goodyera humicola (Schltr.) Schltr. (1924)
Goodyera inmeghema Ormerod (1996)
Goodyera kwangtungensis C.L.Tso (1933)
Goodyera lamprotaenia Schltr. (1911)
Goodyera lanceolata Ridl. (1870)
Goodyera luzonensis Ames (1915)
Goodyera macrophylla Lowe (1831)
Goodyera major Ames & Correll (1942)
Goodyera makuensis Ormerod (2013)
Goodyera malipoensis Q.X.Guan & S.P.Chen (2014)
Goodyera maurevertii Blume (1858)
Goodyera micrantha Schltr. (1923)
Goodyera modesta Schltr. (1923)
Goodyera myanmarica Ormerod & C.S.Kumar (2006)
Goodyera nankoensis Fukuy. (1934)
Goodyera nantoensis Hayata (1911)
Goodyera novembrilis (Rchb.f.) Ormerod (1996)
Goodyera oblongifolia Raf. (1833)
Goodyera ovatilabia Schltr. (1923)
Goodyera pendula Maxim. (1888)
Goodyera perrieri (Schltr.) Schltr. (1924)
Goodyera polyphylla Ormerod (2006)
Goodyera porphyrophylla Schltr. (1921)
Goodyera procera (Ker Gawl.) Hook. (1823)
Goodyera pubescens (Willd.) R.Br. (1813)
Goodyera purpusii Ormerod (2006)
Goodyera pusilla Blume (1858)
Goodyera ramosii Ames (1913 publ. 1914)
Goodyera recurva Lindl. (1857)
Goodyera repens (L.) R.Br. (1813)
Goodyera reticulata (Blume) Blume (1858)
Goodyera rhombodoides Aver (2007)
Goodyera robusta Hook.f. (1890)
Goodyera rosea (H.Perrier) Ormerod (2006)
Goodyera rostellata Ames & C.Schweinf. in O.Ames (1920)
Goodyera rostrata Ridl. (1908)
Goodyera rosulacea Y.N.Lee (2004)
Goodyera rubicunda (Blume) Lindl. (1839)
Goodyera ruttenii J.J.Sm. (1928)
Goodyera schlechtendaliana Rchb.f. (1850)
Goodyera scripta (Rchb.f.) Schltr. (1906)
Goodyera sechellarum (S.Moore) Ormerod (2002)
Goodyera seikomontana Yamam. (1932)
Goodyera similis Blume (1858)
Goodyera stelidifera Ormerod (2004)
Goodyera stenopetala Schltr. (1911)
Goodyera striata Rchb.f. (1845)
Goodyera sumbawana Ormerod (2005)
Goodyera taitensis Blume (1858)
Goodyera tesselata Lodd. (1824)
Goodyera thailandica Seidenf. (1969)
Goodyera turialbae Schltr. (1923)
Goodyera umbrosa D.L.Jones & M.A.Clem. (2014)
Goodyera venusta Schltr. (1911)
Goodyera viridiflora (Blume) Blume (1858)
Goodyera vitiensis (L.O.Williams) Kores (1989)
Goodyera vittata Benth. ex Hook.f. (1890)
Goodyera werneri Schltr. (1921)
Goodyera wolongensis K.Y.Lang (1984)
Goodyera wuana Tang & F.T.Wang (1951)
Goodyera yamiana Fukuy. (1936)
Goodyera yunnanensis Schltr. (1919)
Goodyera zacuapanensis Ormerod (2006)


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