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Classification System: APG IV

Superregnum: Eukaryota
Regnum: Plantae
Cladus: Angiosperms
Cladus: Eudicots
Cladus: Core eudicots
Cladus: Asterids
Cladus: Lamiids
Ordo: Lamiales

Familia: Acanthaceae
Subfamilia: Acanthoideae
Tribus: Justicieae
Genus: Hypoestes
Species: H. acuminata – H. aldabrensis – H. andamanensis – H. angusta – H. angustilabiata – H. anisophylla – H. arachnopus – H. aristata – H. axillaris – H. bakeri – H. betsiliensis – H. bojeriana – H. bosseri – H. brachiata – H. calycina – H. cancellata – H. canescens – H. capitata – H. carnosula – H. catatii – H. caudata – H. celebica – H. cernua – H. chloroclada – H. chlorotricha – H. cinerascens – H. cinerea – H. cochlearia – H. comorensis – H. comosa – H. complanata – H. confertiflora – H. congestiflora – H. corymbosa – H. cruenta – H. cumingiana – H. decaisneana – H. decaryana – H. densiflora – H. diclipteroides – H. discreta – H. elliotii – H. erythrostachya – H. fascicularis – H. flavescens – H. flavovirens – H. flexibilis – H. floribunda – H. forskaolii – H. glandulifera – H. gracilis – H. halconensis – H. hastata – H. hirsuta – H. humbertii – H. humifusa – H. incompta – H. inconspicua – H. isalensis – H. jasminoides – H. juanensis – H. kjellbergii – H. kuntzei – H. laeta – H. lanata – H. larsenii – H. lasioclada – H. lasiostegia – H. leptostegia – H. longilabiata – H. longispica – H. longituba – H. loniceroides – H. macilenta – H. maculosa – H. malaccensis – H. mangokiensis – H. merrillii – H. microphylla – H. mindorensis – H. mollior – H. mollissima – H. multispicata – H. nummularifolia – H. obtusifolia – H. oppositflora – H. oxystegia – H. palawanensis – H. parvula – H. perrieri – H. phyllostachya – H. poilanei – H. poissonii – H. polythyrsa – H. populifolia – H. potamophila – H. psilochlamys – H. pubescens – H. pubiflora – H. pulchra – H. purpurea – H. radicans – H. richardi – H. rodriguesiana – H. rosea – H. saboureaui – H. salajeriana – H. saxicola – H. scoparia – H. serpens – H. sessilifolia – H. setigera – H. sparsiflora – H. spicata – H. stachyoides – H. stenoptera – H. strigata – H. strobilifera – H. subcapitata – H. taeniata – H. tenuifolia – H. tenuis – H. tetraptera – H. teucrioides – H. teysmanniana – H. thomsoniana – H. thothathrii – H. toroensis – H. transversa – H. trichochlamys – H. triflora – H. tubiflora – H. unilateralis – H. urophora – H. vagabunda – H. vidalii – H. viguieri – H. warpurioides
Source(s) of checklist:

Hypoestes Sol. ex R.Br., Prodr. Fl. Nov. Holland. 474. (1810)

Type species: Hypoestes floribunda R.Br., Prodr. Fl. Nov. Holland. 474. (1810)


Amphiestes S.Moore
Periestes Baill.


Solander, D.C. 1810. Prodromus Florae Novae Hollandiae 474.


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ypoestes is a flowering plant genus of about 150 species. They are widely distributed throughout the tropical and subtropical lands around the Indian Ocean, and some adjacent regions.

It belongs to the subfamily Acanthoideae of the acanthus family Acanthaceae. Therein, it is classified in the subtribe Justiciinae of tribe Ruellieae, making it a relative of such American genera as the mosaic plants (Fittonia), water-willows (Justicia) and wrightworts (Carlowrightia).

Hypoestes comes from the Greek 'hypo' meaning under, and 'estia' meaning house. It refers to the way the flowers are hidden by the fused bracts.[1]

Many of these herbaceous to small shrubby plants of the undergrowth have boldly patterned leaves, typically featuring red colors. Some are grown as ornamental plants or pot plants. Most well-known among these are H. phyllostachya of Madagascar and its cultivars, commonly called polka dot plant.


Hypoestes species accepted by the Plants of the World Online as of June 2021:[2]
Flowering stalks of Hypoestes aristata

Hypoestes acuminata Baker
Hypoestes aldabrensis Baker
Hypoestes andamanensis Thoth.
Hypoestes angusta Benoist
Hypoestes angustilabiata Benoist
Hypoestes anisophylla Nees
Hypoestes arachnopus Benoist
Hypoestes aristata (Vahl) Sol. ex Roem. & Schult.
Hypoestes bakeri Vatke
Hypoestes betsiliensis S.Moore
Hypoestes bojeriana Nees
Hypoestes bosseri Benoist
Hypoestes brachiata Baker
Hypoestes calycina Benoist
Hypoestes cancellata Nees
Hypoestes canescens Hedrén & Thulin
Hypoestes capitata Boivin ex Benoist
Hypoestes carnosula Chiov.
Hypoestes catatii Benoist
Hypoestes caudata Benoist
Hypoestes celebica Bremek.
Hypoestes cernua Nees
Hypoestes chloroclada Baker
Hypoestes chlorotricha (Bojer ex Nees) Benoist
Hypoestes cinerascens Benoist
Hypoestes cochlearia Benoist
Hypoestes comorensis Baker
Hypoestes comosa Benoist
Hypoestes complanata Benoist
Hypoestes confertiflora Merr.
Hypoestes congestiflora Baker
Hypoestes corymbosa Baker
Hypoestes cruenta Benoist
Hypoestes cumingiana (Nees) Fern.-Vill.
Hypoestes decaisneana Nees
Hypoestes decaryana Benoist
Hypoestes diclipteroides Nees
Hypoestes discreta S.Moore
Hypoestes ecbolioides I.Darbysh.
Hypoestes egena Benoist
Hypoestes elegans Nees
Hypoestes elliotii S.Moore
Hypoestes erythrostachya Benoist
Hypoestes fascicularis Nees
Hypoestes fastuosa (L.) Sol. ex Roem. & Schult.
Hypoestes flavescens Benoist
Hypoestes flavovirens Benoist
Hypoestes flexibilis Nees
Hypoestes floribunda R.Br.
Hypoestes forskaolii (Vahl) R.Br.
Hypoestes glandulifera Scott Elliot
Hypoestes gracilis Nees
Hypoestes halconensis Merr.
Hypoestes hastata Benoist
Hypoestes hirsuta Nees
Hypoestes humbertii Benoist
Hypoestes humifusa Benoist
Hypoestes incompta Scott Elliot
Hypoestes inconspicua Balf.f.
Hypoestes involucrata Roem. & Schult.
Hypoestes isalensis Benoist
Hypoestes jasminoides Baker
Hypoestes juanensis Benoist
Hypoestes kjellbergii Bremek.
Hypoestes kuntzei C.B.Clarke ex Ridl.
Hypoestes laeta Benoist
Hypoestes lanata Dalzell
Hypoestes larsenii Bremek.
Hypoestes lasioclada Nees
Hypoestes lasiostegia Nees
Hypoestes leptostegia S.Moore
Hypoestes longilabiata Scott Elliot
Hypoestes longispica Benoist
Hypoestes longituba Benoist
Hypoestes loniceroides Baker
Hypoestes macilenta Benoist
Hypoestes maculosa Nees
Hypoestes malaccensis Wight
Hypoestes mangokiensis Benoist
Hypoestes merrillii C.B.Clarke ex Elmer
Hypoestes mindorensis Merr.
Hypoestes mollior C.B.Clarke ex S.Moore
Hypoestes mollissima (Vahl) Nees
Hypoestes multispicata Benoist
Hypoestes nummulariifolia Baker
Hypoestes obtusifolia Baker
Hypoestes oppositiflora Benoist
Hypoestes oxystegia Nees
Hypoestes palawanensis C.B.Clarke
Hypoestes parvula Benoist
Hypoestes perrieri Benoist
Hypoestes phyllostachya Baker
Hypoestes poilanei Benoist
Hypoestes poissonii Benoist
Hypoestes polythyrsa Miq.
Hypoestes populifolia Miq.
Hypoestes potamophila Heine
Hypoestes psilochlamys Bremek.
Hypoestes pubescens Balf.f.
Hypoestes pubiflora T.Anderson ex R.Baron
Hypoestes pulchra Nees
Hypoestes purpurea (L.) R.Br.
Hypoestes radicans Deflers
Hypoestes richardii Nees
Hypoestes rodriguesiana Balf.f.
Hypoestes rosea P.Beauv.
Hypoestes saboureaui Benoist
Hypoestes salajeriana Bremek.
Hypoestes salensis Benoist
Hypoestes saxicola Nees
Hypoestes scoparia Benoist
Hypoestes serpens (Vahl) R.Br.
Hypoestes sessilifolia Baker
Hypoestes setigera Benoist
Hypoestes sparsiflora R.M.Barker
Hypoestes spicata Nees
Hypoestes stachyoides Baker
Hypoestes stenoptera Benoist
Hypoestes strobilifera S.Moore
Hypoestes subcapitata C.B.Clarke
Hypoestes taeniata Benoist
Hypoestes tenuifolia Ridl.
Hypoestes tenuis Merr.
Hypoestes tetraptera Benoist
Hypoestes teucrioides Nees
Hypoestes teysmanniana Miq.
Hypoestes thomsoniana Nees
Hypoestes thothathrii Vasudeva Rao & Chakrab.
Hypoestes transversa Benoist
Hypoestes trichochlamys Baker
Hypoestes triflora (Forssk.) Roem. & Schult.
Hypoestes tubiflora Benoist
Hypoestes unilateralis Baker
Hypoestes urophora Benoist
Hypoestes vagabunda Benoist
Hypoestes vidalii C.B.Clarke
Hypoestes viguieri Benoist
Hypoestes warpurioides Benoist


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