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Classification System: APG IV

Superregnum: Eukaryota
Regnum: Plantae
Cladus: Angiosperms
Cladus: Eudicots
Ordo: Proteales

Familia: Sabiaceae
Genus: Meliosma
Species: M. alba – M. allenii – M. angustifolia – M. arenosa – M. aristeguietae – M. arnottiana – M. bifida – M. bogotana – M. boliviensis – M. brenesii – M. caballeroensis – M. callicarpifolia – M. chartacea – M. chiriquensis – M. clandestina – M. condorensis – M. cordata – M. cornejoi – M. corymbosa – M. cresstolina – M. cuneifolia – M. dentata – M. depressiva – M. dilleniifolia – M. donnellsmithii – M. dumicola – M. echeverriae – M. flexuosa – M. fordii – M. frondosa – M. gentryi – M. glabrata – M. glandulosa – M. gracilis – M. henryi – M. herbertii – M. herbertii – M. idiopoda – M. irazuensis – M. isthmensis – M. itatiaiae – M. kirkii – M. lanceolata – M. laui – M. laxiflora – M. linearifolia – M. littlei – M. longipes – M. loretoyacuensis – M. martana – M. matudae – M. meridensis – M. minutipetala – M. myriantha – M. nanarum – M. nesites – M. obtusifolia – M. occidentalis – M. oldhamii – M. oldhamii – M. oligantha – M. palaciosii – M. palustris – M. parviflora – M. paupera – M. petalodentata – M. peytonii – M. pinnata – M. pittieriana – M. pumila – M. rhoifolia – M. rhoifolia – M. rigida – M. robusta – M. schlimii – M. seleriana – M. sellowii – M. simiarum – M. simplicifolia – M. sinuata – M. sirensis – M. solomonii – M. squamulata – M. starkii – M. subcordata – M. sumatrana – M. tachirensis – M. thomsonii – M. thorelii – M. trujilloi – M. vasquezii – M. veitchiorum – M. velutina – M. venezuelensis – M. vernicosa – M. violacea – M. wurdackii – M. youngii – M. yunnanensis

Meliosma Blume Catalogus 10–11. (1823)

Type species: Meliosma lanceolata Blume Catalogus 10–11. (1823)


Atelandra Bello
Heterapithmos Turcz.
Kingsboroughia Liebm.
Lorenzanea Liebm.
Millingtonia Roxb.
Oligostemon Turcz.
Wellingtonia Meisn.


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Meliosma is a genus of flowering plants in the family Sabiaceae, native to tropical to warm temperate regions of southern and eastern Asia and the Americas. It is traditionally considered to contain about 100 species; some botanists[1] take a much more conservative view accepting only 20-25 species as distinct. They are trees or shrubs, growing to 10–45 m tall.

Fossil evidence shows the genus formerly had a much wider range in the Northern Hemisphere, including Europe and central Asia until the late Pliocene ice ages, and somewhat earlier in North America.[2] Meliosma symbolises Peruvian cloud forest plants which, once did not have even a single species of Sabiaceae. Now,at least 17 species of Meliosma are known from Peru.[3]

The Indian awlking (Choaspes benjaminii) is one of the Lepidoptera whose caterpillars feed on Meliosma; they have been found on M. pungens, rhoifolia, M. rigida, and M. squamulata.

Selected species


Meliosma angustifolia
Meliosma arnottiana (syn. Wellingtonia arnottiana)
Meliosma beaniana
Meliosma bifida
Meliosma callicarpaefolia
Meliosma cuneifolia
Meliosma dentata
Meliosma dilleniifolia
Meliosma dumicola
Meliosma flexuosa
Meliosma fordii
Meliosma glandulosa
Meliosma henryi
Meliosma kirkii
Meliosma laui
Meliosma longipes
Meliosma myriantha
Meliosma oldhamii
Meliosma parviflora
Meliosma paupera
Meliosma pinnata
Meliosma pungens
Meliosma rhoifolia
Meliosma rigida
Meliosma simplicifolia
Meliosma squamulata
Meliosma sumatrana
Meliosma thomsonii
Meliosma thorelii
Meliosma veitchiorum
Meliosma velutina
Meliosma yunnanensis


Meliosma alba
†Meliosma beusekomii
Meliosma bogotana
Meliosma brasiliensis Urb.
Meliosma cordata
Meliosma frondosa
Meliosma glaziovii
Meliosma herbertii
Meliosma itatiaiae
Meliosma linearifolia
Meliosma littlei
Meliosma meridensis
Meliosma nesites
Meliosma sellowii
Meliosma sinuata
Meliosma sirensis
Meliosma vernicosa
Meliosma youngii

Fossil record

Fossil endocarps from the early Miocene of Meliosma wetteraviensis, have been found in the Czech part of the Zittau Basin. Stratigraphical range of this taxon is from the late Oligocene to Pliocene of Western Europe and Siberia. [4]

E.g. van Beusekom (1971)
van Beusekom (1971)
Gentry, A., 1992. Four New Species of Meliosma (Sabiaceae) from Peru. Novon, 2(2), p.155.

Acta Palaeobotanica - 43(1): 9-49, January 2003 - Early Miocene carpological material from the Czech part of the Zittau Basin - Vasilis Teodoridis


van Beusekom, C.F. (1971): Revision of Meliosma (Sabiaceae), section Lorenzanea excepted, living and fossil, geography and phylogeny. Blumea 19: 355–529.

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