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Wilhelm Conrad Röntgen and the early history of the Roentgen rays, Otto Glasser

The 100 Most Influential Scientists of All Time, Britannica Educational Publishing

The 100 Most Influential Inventors of All Time, Britannica Educational Publishing

Ernst Mach; his work, life, and influence, John T. Blackmore

Ernst Mach's Vienna, 1895-1930, or, Phenomenalism as philosophy of science, John T. Blackmore, R. Itagaki, S. Tanaka

Ernst Mach's world elements: a study in natural philosophy, Erik C. Banks

André-Marie Ampère, James R. Hofmann

Einstein's struggles with quantum theory: a reappraisal, Dipankar Home, Andrew Whitaker

Regression analysis by example, Samprit Chatterjee, Ali S. Hadi

Quarks, baryons and chiral symmetry, Atsushi Hosaka, Hiroshi Toki

Discrete symmetries and CP violation: from experiment to theory, Marco Sozzi

The physics of the Z and W bosons, Roberto Tenchini, Claudio Verzegnassi

The Large Hadron Collider: a marvel of technology, Lyndon R. Evans

The Large Hadron Collider: Unraveling the Mysteries of the Universe

Search for the Higgs boson, John V. Lee

B decays, Sheldon Stone

Heavy quark physics, Aneesh Vasant Manohar, Mark B. Wise

Heavy quark physics, David Blaschke, Mikhail A. Ivanov, Thomas Mannel

Heavy flavours II, A. J. Buras, Manfred Lindner

The invisible universe: dark matter and dark energy, Eleftherios Papantonopoulos

Dark Energy: Theory and Observations, Luca Amendola, Shinji Tsujikawa

The 4 Percent Universe: Dark Matter, Dark Energy, and the Race to Discover the Rest of Reality, Richard Panek

Introduction to Quantum Optics: From the Semi-classical Approach to Quantized Light, By Gilbert Grynberg, Alain Aspect, Claude Fabre, Claude Cohen-Tannoudji

Quantum optics, John C. Garrison, Raymond Y. Chiao

Quantum optics in phase space, Wolfgang Schleich

Quantum theory of optical coherence: selected papers and lectures, Roy J. Glauber

Methods in theoretical quantum optics, Stephen M. Barnett, P. M. Radmore

Elements of quantum optics, Pierre Meystre, Murray Sargent

Quantum squeezing, Peter D. Drummond, Zbigniew Ficek

Quantum Gauge Theories: Spin One and Two, Günter Scharf

Quantum plasmadynamics: unmagnetized plasmas, D. B. Melrose

Quantum mechanics, Albert Messiah

Quantum mechanics: fundamentals, Kurt Gottfried, Tung-mow Yan

Quantum mechanics: symbolism of atomic measurements, Julian Seymour Schwinger

Problems and solutions on quantum mechanics, Yung-kuo Lim, Zhongguo ke xue ji shu da xue. Physics Coaching Class

Problems and solutions in quantum mechanics. K. Tamvakis

Schaum's outline of theory and problems of quantum mechanics, Yoav Peleg, Reuven Pnini, Elyahu Zaarur

Self-assembled quantum dots, Zhiming M. Wang

Quantum dot lasers, Victor Mikhailovich Ustinov

Single quantum dots: fundamentals, applications, and new concepts, Peter Michler

Quantum dot heterostructures, Dieter Bimberg, Marius Grundmann, Nikolai N. Ledentsov

Quantum dots: a survey of the properties of artificial atoms, Tapash Chakraborty

Spins in Optically Active Quantum Dots: Concepts and Methods, Oliver Gywat, Hubert J. Krenner, Jesse Berezovsky

Quantum entropy and its use, Masanori Ohya, Dénes Petz

An introduction to cosmochemistry, Charles R. Cowley

The chemical bond in inorganic chemistry: the bond valence model, I. David Brown

Chemical Bonding, M.S. Sethi & M. Satake

Chemometrics: a textbook, Désiré Luc Massart

The Chemical Evolution of the Galaxy, Francesca Matteucci

The principles of chemical equilibrium: with applications in chemistry ..., Kenneth Denbigh

Wine flavour chemistry, Ronald James Clarke, Jokie Bakker

Wine science: principles, practice, perception, Ron S. Jackson

Chemical structure, spatial arrangement: the early history of stereochemistry 1874-1914, Peter J. Ramberg

Chemical kinetics: fundamentals and new developments, Evgenii Timofeevich Denisov, Oleg M. Sarkisov, Gertts Ilich Likhtenshteĭn

The r-process: the astrophysical origin of the heavy elements and related rare isotope accelerator physics, Yong-Zhong Qian, Argonne National Laboratory, Institute for Nuclear Theory (U.S.)

The carbon star phenomenon: proceedings of the 177th Symposium of the International Astronomical Union , Robert F. Wing

Asymptotic giant branch stars, Harm Jan Habing, Hans Olofsson

The origin and evolution of planetary nebulae, Sun Kwok

The physics and dynamics of planetary nebulae, Grigor Aramovich Gurzadian

A Survey of Minimal Surfaces, Robert Osserman

A Course in Minimal Surfaces, Tobias Holck Colding, William P. Minicozzi II

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