Klaus von Klitzing, (born June 28, 1943 in Schroda, Posen) is a German physicist. For his discovery of the Integer Quantum Hall Effect he was awarded the 1985 Nobel Prize in Physics.

After studying physics in Braunschweig, von Klitzing spent 10 research years at University W├╝rzburg (Ph.D. thesis 1972 on "Galvanomagnetic Properties of Tellurium in Strong Magnetic Fields", habilitation 1978), with research work at the Clarendon Laboratory, Oxford and High Magnetic Field Laboratory, Grenoble. Von Klitzing became professor in Munich in 1980. Since 1985, von Klitzing is a director of the Max Planck Institute of Solid State Research in Stuttgart.

Today, von Klitzing's research focuses on the properties of low dimensional electronic systems, typically in low temperatures and in high magnetic fields.


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