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Classification System: APG IV

Superregnum: Eukaryota
Regnum: Plantae
Cladus: Angiosperms
Cladus: Eudicots
Cladus: Core eudicots
Cladus: Rosids
Cladus: Eurosids I
Ordo: Malpighiales

Familia: Putranjivaceae
Genus: Drypetes
Species: D. australasica – D. birkenshawii – D. confertiflora – D. darcyana – D. deplanchei – D. glauca – D. lasiogyna – D. lateriflora – D. littoralis – D. matsumurae – D. paxii – D. perrieri – D. poilanei – D. sumatrana – D. variabilis

Drypetes Vahl

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Drypetes is a plant genus of the family Putranjivaceae, in the order Malpighiales.

It was previously in the family Euphorbiaceae, tribe Drypeteae, and was the sole pantropical zoochorous genus of the family.

The genus comprises about 200 species, found in Africa, southern Asia, Australia, Central America, the Caribbean, southern Florida, Mexico, and various oceanic islands.[1] They are dioecious trees or shrubs.[2]

Along with Putranjiva,[3] also in the Putranjivaceae, Drypetes contains the only plants outside the Brassicales known to contain mustard oils.[4]

The Kew World Checklist of Selected Plant Families (WCSP) lists:[1]

Drypetes acuminata – Queensland
Drypetes aetoxyloides – Sabah
Drypetes aframensis – W Africa
Drypetes afzelii – W Africa
Drypetes alba – West Indies
Drypetes amazonica – Ecuador, NW Brazil
Drypetes ambigua – Madagascar
Drypetes andamanica – Myanmar, Andaman Is
Drypetes angustifolia – Central Africa
Drypetes arcuatinervia – China, Vietnam
Drypetes arguta – E + S Africa
Drypetes assamica – E Himalayas, N Indochina
Drypetes aubrevillei – W Africa
Drypetes australis – KwaZulu-Natal
Drypetes aylmeri – W Africa
Drypetes bakembei – Central African Republic
Drypetes balakrishnanii – Bangladesh, Myanmar
Drypetes bathiei – Madagascar
Drypetes bawanii – Philippines
Drypetes bhattacharyae – Andaman & Nicobar
Drypetes bipindensis – C Africa
Drypetes bisacuta – Laos
Drypetes brownii – S Mexico, C America
Drypetes caesia – Sabah, Kalimantan
Drypetes calvescens – C Africa
Drypetes calyptosepala – Sumatra
Drypetes cambodica – Cambodia, Thailand, Myanmar
Drypetes capillipes – C Africa
Drypetes capuronii – Madagascar
Drypetes carolinensis – Yap
Drypetes castilloi – Sabah
Drypetes caustica – Réunion
Drypetes celastrinea – Cameroon
Drypetes celebica – Sulawesi, W New Guinea
Drypetes chevalieri – W + C Africa
Drypetes cinnabarina – C Africa
Drypetes cockburnii – Malaysia
Drypetes comorensis – Mayotte
Drypetes confertiflora – Karnataka
Drypetes congestiflora – China, Philippines
Drypetes convoluta – Luzon
Drypetes crassipes – Borneo, Sumatra, Malaysia
Drypetes cumingii – China, Philippines
Drypetes curtisii – S Indochina, Borneo
Drypetes darcyana – Mayotte
Drypetes darimontiana – Zaïre
Drypetes dasycarpa – Thailand
Drypetes dasyneura – Sumatra
Drypetes deplanchei – New Guinea, Australia, Vanuatu, New Caledonia
Drypetes detersibilis – Malaysia
Drypetes dewildei – Sumatra
Drypetes dinklagei – C Africa
Drypetes diopa – C Africa
Drypetes diversifolia – Florida Keys, Bahamas, Hispaniola
Drypetes dolichocarpa – Saipan
Drypetes dussii – Martinique
Drypetes eglandulosa – Bangladesh, Assam, Myanmar
Drypetes ellipsoidea – Leyte
†Drypetes elliptica – either Myanmar or Andaman Islands but extinct
Drypetes ellisii – Andaman Islands
Drypetes eriocarpa – Sarawak
Drypetes euryodes – Gabon, Angola
Drypetes falcata – Camiguin
Drypetes fallax – C Africa
Drypetes fanshawei – Venezuela, Guyana, Ecuador
Drypetes fernandopoana – Bioko
Drypetes floribunda – W Africa
Drypetes forbesii – Sumatra
Drypetes fusiformis – Sabah, Kalimantan
Drypetes gabonensis – Gabon, Congo
Drypetes gardneri – India, Sri Lanka
Drypetes gentryi – Mexico
Drypetes gerrardii – E + S Africa
Drypetes gerrardinoides – Tanzania
Drypetes gilgiana – W + C Africa
Drypetes gitingensis – Sibuyan
Drypetes glaberrima – W New Guinea
Drypetes glabra – Rolas I., São Tomé
Drypetes glabridiscus – Sulawesi
Drypetes glauca – West Indies
Drypetes globosa – Philippines
Drypetes gossweileri – C Africa
Drypetes gracilis – Cameroon
Drypetes grandifolia – Philippines
Drypetes guatemalensis – Guatemala
Drypetes hainanensis – Hainan, Thailand, Vietnam, Sabah, Sulawesi
Drypetes harmandii – Laos, Thailand
Drypetes helferi – Myanmar, Thailand
Drypetes henriquesii – São Tomé
Drypetes heptandra – Philippines
Drypetes hoaensis – Yunnan, Thailand, Vietnam
Drypetes iliae – Sabah, Sarawak
Drypetes ilicifolia – Jamaica, Dominican Rep, Puerto Rico
Drypetes impressinervis – Sarawak
Drypetes inaequalis – W Africa
Drypetes indica – S China, E Himalayas, N Indochina
Drypetes integerrima – Ogasawara-shoto, Kazan-retto
Drypetes integrifolia – S China
Drypetes iodoformis – Queensland
Drypetes ituriensis – C Africa
Drypetes ivorensis – W Africa
Drypetes jaintensis – Meghalaya
Drypetes kalamii – West Bengal,India
Drypetes kikir – Malaysia, Borneo
Drypetes klainei – W Africa
Drypetes kwangtungensis – Guangdong
Drypetes laciniata – W Africa
Drypetes laevis – Sumatra, Borneo
Drypetes lasiogynoides – New Guinea
Drypetes lateriflora – West Indies, Mexico, C America, Florida
Drypetes leiocarpa – Nicobar Islands
Drypetes leonensis – W + C Africa
Drypetes littoralis – Taiwan, Java, Sabah, Sulawesi, Philippines
Drypetes longifolia – SE Asia, New Guinea
Drypetes longistipitata – Hainan
Drypetes macrostigma – Kalimantan
Drypetes madagascariensis – Madagascar
Drypetes magnistipula – Gabon, Cameroon
Drypetes malabarica – Tamil Nadu
Drypetes maquilingensis – Philippines, Banggi, Sulawesi
Drypetes microphylla – Nicobar Is, Malaysia, W, Indonesia, Philippines
Drypetes microphylloides – Sumatra
Drypetes mildbraedii – C Africa
Drypetes minahassae – Java, Sulawesi
Drypetes moliwensis – Cameroon
Drypetes molunduana – C Africa
Drypetes monachinoi – Bolívar
Drypetes monosperma – Luzon
Drypetes mossambicensis – SE Africa
Drypetes mucronata – Bahamas, Cuba
Drypetes nakaiana – Palau
Drypetes natalensis – E + S Africa
Drypetes neglecta –, Indonesia
Drypetes nervosa – Malaysia
Drypetes nitida – Palau
Drypetes obanensis – C Africa
Drypetes oblongifolia – India, Sri Lanka
Drypetes obtusa – China, Vietnam
Drypetes occidentalis – C Africa
Drypetes ochrodasya – Sumatra
Drypetes ochrothrix – Thailand, Sabah
Drypetes oppositifolia – Madagascar
Drypetes ovalis – Java, Philippines
Drypetes oxyodonta – Malaysia
Drypetes pachycarpa – Malaysia
Drypetes pacifica – Fiji
Drypetes parvifolia – C Africa
Drypetes paxii- C Africa
Drypetes pellegrinii – W Africa
Drypetes peltophora – Cameroon
Drypetes pendula – Thailand, Malaysia, Borneo
Drypetes perakensis – Malaysia
Drypetes perreticulata – S China, N Indochina
Drypetes perrieri – Comoros, Madagascar
Drypetes picardae – Hispaniola
Drypetes pierreana – Gabon, Congo
Drypetes poilanei – Vietnam
Drypetes polyalthioides – Kalimantan
Drypetes polyantha – C Africa
Drypetes polyneura – Bangka, Sabah, Kalimantan
Drypetes porteri – Tamil Nadu
Drypetes preussii – W Africa
Drypetes principum – C + W Africa
Drypetes prunifera – Sabah
Drypetes reticulata – S + E Africa
Drypetes rhakodiskos – SE Asia
Drypetes riparia – Malaysia
Drypetes riseleyi – Seychelles
Drypetes rotensis – Rota in Micronesia
Drypetes rubriflora – Cameroon
Drypetes salicifolia – Yunnan, Laos, Vietnam
Drypetes sclerophylla – Kilwa in Tanzania
Drypetes sepiaria – India, Sri Lanka
Drypetes sessiliflora – S Brazil
Drypetes sherffii – Sumatra
Drypetes sibuyanensis – insular SE Asia
Drypetes simalurensis – Sumatra, Simeuluë
Drypetes singroboensis – Ivory Coast
Drypetes spinosodentata – C Africa
Drypetes standleyi – C America, Venezuela, Ecuador
Drypetes staudtii – Nigeria, Cameroon, Congo
Drypetes stipulacea – Madagascar
Drypetes stipularis – Cameroon, Equatorial Guinea
Drypetes stylosa – Sarawak
Drypetes subcrenata – Luzon
Drypetes subcubica – Java, Bali, New Guinea, Queensland
Drypetes subsessilis – E Himalayas, N Thailand, N Myanmar, Andaman Is
Drypetes subsymmetrica – Simeuluë
Drypetes sumatrana – Sumatra, Sri Lanka, Indochina, Nicobar Is, Flores
Drypetes talamauensis – Sumatra
Drypetes taylorii – Kenya
Drypetes tessmanniana – Cameroon, Equatorial Guinea
Drypetes thorelii – Cambodia, Vietnam
Drypetes thouarsiana – Madagascar
Drypetes thouarsii – Madagascar
†Drypetes tomentella – SE Asia but extinct
Drypetes ugandensis C + E Africa
Drypetes usambarica – Kenya, Tanzania
Drypetes variabilis N South America
Drypetes venusta – S India
Drypetes vernicosa – Queensland
Drypetes verrucosa – Gabon
Drypetes vilhenae – Angola
Drypetes viridis – Thailand, Malaysia
Drypetes vitiensis – Fiji, Niue, Samoa, Tonga
Drypetes wightii – S India
Drypetes xanthophylloides – Sarawak
Drypetes yapensis – Yap in Micronesia


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