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Superregnum: Eukaryota
Regnum: Animalia
Subregnum: Eumetazoa
Cladus: Bilateria
Cladus: Nephrozoa
Superphylum: Deuterostomia
Phylum: Chordata
Cladus: Craniata
Subphylum: Vertebrata
Infraphylum: Gnathostomata
Superclassis: Tetrapoda
Cladus: Reptiliomorpha
Cladus: Amniota
Classis: Reptilia
Cladus: Eureptilia
Cladus: Romeriida
Subclassis: Diapsida
Cladus: Sauria
Infraclassis: Lepidosauromorpha
Superordo: Lepidosauria
Ordo: Squamata
Subordo: Gekkota
Infraordo: Gekkomorpha
Superfamilia: Gekkonoidea

Familia: Gekkonidae
Subfamilia: Gekkoninae
Genus: Gehyra
Species: G. angusticaudata – G. australis – G. baliola – G. barea – G. borroloola – G. brevipalmata – G. butleri – G. catenata – G. dubia – G. einasleighensis – G. fehlmanni – G. fenestra – G. georgpotthasti – G. girloorloo – G. granulum – G. interstitialis – G. kimberleyi – G. koira – G. lacerata – G. lampei – G. lazelli – G. leopoldi – G. marginata – G. membranacruralis – G. minuta – G. montium – G. multiporosa – G. mutilata – G. nana – G. occidentalis – G. oceanica – G. pamela – G. papuana – G. paranana – G. pilbara – G. pluraporosa – G. pseudopunctata – G. punctata – G. purpurascens – G. robusta – G. rohan – G. serraticauda – G. spheniscus – G. variegata – G. vorax – G. xenopus

Gehyra Gray, 1834
Gender: feminine
Original status: valid genus
Type species: Gehyra pacifica Gray, 1834 [=Gecko oceanicus Lesson, 1830]
Fixation: monotypy


?Peropus Wiegmann, 1835
?Phyria Gray, 1842
?Dactyloperus Fitzinger, 1843
?Perodactylus Fitzinger, 1843
?Peripia Gray, 1845


Template:Gray, 1834

Doughty, P., Bourke, G., Tedeschi, L.G., Pratt, R.C., Oliver, P.M., Palmer, R.A. & Moritz, C. 2018. Species delimitation in the Gehyra nana (Squamata: Gekkonidae) complex: cryptic and divergent morphological evolution in the Australian Monsoonal Tropics, with the description of four new species. Zootaxa 4403(2): 201–244. DOI: 10.11646/zootaxa.4403.2.1 Reference page.

Vernacular names
日本語: フトオヤモリ属

Bourke, G., Pratt, R.C., Vanderduys, E.P. & Moritz, C. 2017. Systematics of a small Gehyra (Squamata: Gekkonidae) from the Einasleigh Uplands, Queensland: description of a new range restricted species. Zootaxa 4231(1): 85–99. DOI: 10.11646/zootaxa.4231.1.5. Reference page.
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Oliver, P.M., Bourke, G., Pratt, R.C., Doughty, P. & Moritz, C. 2016. Systematics of small Gehyra (Squamata: Gekkonidae) of the southern Kimberley, Western Australia: redescription of G. kimberleyi Börner & Schüttler, 1983 and description of a new restricted range species. Zootaxa 4107(1): 49–64. DOI: 10.11646/zootaxa.4107.1.2. Reference page.
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Sistrom, M.J.; Hutchinson, M.N.; Hutchinson, R.G.; Donnellan, S.C. 2009: Molecular phylogeny of Australian Gehyra (Squamata: Gekkonidae) and taxonomic revision of Gehyra variegata in south-eastern Australia. Zootaxa, 2277: 14–32. Abstract & excerpt
Wiegmann 1835 Nova Acta Acad. Caes. Leop. Carol., 17, 238.


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Gehyra is a genus of geckos in the family Gekkonidae. They are known as web-toed geckos or dtellas, and most species within the genus bear close resemblance to geckos from the genus Hemidactylus.

Geographic range

Gehyra species have a wide geographic range, covering most of the Oceania and Melanesian Islands as far north as the Ryukyu Islands and Thailand.

Dtellas are moderately sized geckos that resembles house geckos. Gehyra species have toepads and powerful claws. Like some other geckos they also have a tendency to drop strips of skin if handled carelessly. Similar to house geckos, dtellas are able to communicate with clicks or chirps, although their chirp is often quieter than that of house geckos.

The following species are recognized as being valid.[1][2]

Gehyra angusticaudata (Taylor, 1963) – narrow-tailed four-clawed gecko
Gehyra arnhemica Oliver, Prasetya, Tedeschi, Fenker, Ellis, Doughty, & Moritz, 2020 – East Arnhem land gehyra
Gehyra australis (Gray, 1845) – top-end dtella
Gehyra baliola (A.H.A. Duméril, 1851) – short-tailed dtella
Gehyra barea Kopstein, 1926 – Banda Island dtella
Gehyra borroloola King, 1984 – Borroloola dtella
Gehyra brevipalmata (W. Peters, 1874) – Palau Island dtella
Gehyra calcitectus Oliver, Prasetya, Tedeschi, Fenker, Ellis, Doughty, & Moritz, 2020 – Relictual Karst gehyra
Gehyra capensis Kealley, Doughty, Pepper, Keogh, Hillyer, & Huey, 2018 – north west Cape gehyra
Gehyra catenata Low, 1979 – chain-backed dtella
Gehyra chimera Oliver, Prasetya, Tedeschi, Fenker, Ellis, Doughty, & Moritz, 2020 – Western Kimberley tree gehyra
Gehyra crypta Kealley, Doughty, Pepper, Keogh, Hillyer, & Huey, 2018 – western cryptic gehyra
Gehyra dubia (Macleay, 1877) – dubious dtella
Gehyra einasleighensis Bourke, Pratt, Vanderduys & Moritz, 2017[3] – Einasleigh rock dtella
Gehyra electrum Zozaya, Fenker, & MacDonald, 2019 – amber rock dtella
Gehyra fehlmanni (Taylor, 1962) – Fehlmann's dtella
Gehyra fenestrula Doughty, Bauer, Pepper, & Keogh, 2018 – Hamersley Range spotted gehyra
Gehyra finipunctata Doughty, Bauer, Pepper, Keogh, & Ellis, 2018 – small-spotted midwest rock gehyra
Gehyra gemina Oliver, Prasetya, Tedeschi, Fenker, Ellis, Doughty, & Moritz, 2020 – plain tree gehyra
Gehyra georgpotthasti Flecks et al., 2012
Gehyra girloorloo Oliver, Bourke, Pratt, Doughty, & Moritz, 2016 – Kimberley karst gecko
Gehyra granulum Doughty, Palmer, Bourke, Tedeschi, Oliver, & Moritz, 2018 – Kimberley granular-toed gecko
Gehyra incognita Kealley, Doughty, Pepper, Keogh, Hillyer, & Huey, 2018 – Northern Pilbara cryptic gehyra
Gehyra insulensis Girard, 1858 – Pacific stump-toed gecko
Gehyra interstitialis Oudemans, 1894 – Oudemans's dtella
Gehyra ipsa Horner, 2005 – Bungle Bungle Ranges gehyra
Gehyra kimberleyi Börner & Schüttler, 1982 – Kimberley dtella
Gehyra koira Horner, 2005 – banded rock dtella
Gehyra lacerata (Taylor, 1962) – lacerated dtella
Gehyra lapistola Oliver, Prasetya, Tedeschi, Fenker, Ellis, Doughty, & Moritz, 2020 – Litchfield Rock gehyra
Gehyra lauta Oliver, Prasetya, Tedeschi, Fenker, Ellis, Doughty, & Moritz, 2020 – Gulf tree gehyra
Gehyra lazelli (Wells & Wellington, 1985)
Gehyra leopoldi Brongersma, 1930 – Leopold dtella
Gehyra macra Doughty, Bauer, Pepper, & Keogh, 2018 – large Pilbara rock gehyra
Gehyra marginata Boulenger, 1887 – Moluccan gecko
Gehyra media Doughty, Bauer, Pepper, & Keogh, 2018 – medium Pilbara spotted rock gehyra
Gehyra membranacruralis King & Horner, 1989 – Port Moresby dtella
Gehyra micra Doughty, Bauer, Pepper, & Keogh, 2018 – small Pilbara spotted rock gehyra
Gehyra minuta King, 1982 – dwarf dtella
Gehyra montium Storr, 1982 – Centralian dtella
Gehyra moritzi Hutchinson et al., 2014
Gehyra multiporosa Doughty et al., 2012
Gehyra mutilata (Wiegmann, 1834) – stump-tailed gecko
Gehyra nana Storr, 1978 – northern spotted rock dtella
Gehyra occidentalis King, 1984 – Kimberley Plateau dtella
Gehyra oceanica (Lesson, 1830) – Pacific dtella
Gehyra ocellata Kealley, Doughty, Pepper, Keogh, Hillyer, & Huey, 2018 – Pilbara Island gehyra
Gehyra pamela King, 1982 – Arnhemland Watercourse dtella
Gehyra papuana A. Meyer, 1874 – Papua dtella
Gehyra paranana Bourke, Doughty, Tedeschi, Oliver, & Moritz, 2018 – Litchfield spotted gecko
Gehyra peninsularis Doughty, Bauer, Pepper, & Keogh, 2018 – Burrup Peninsula rock gehyra
Gehyra pilbara Mitchell, 1965 – Pilbara dtella
Gehyra pluraporosa Bourke, Doughty, Tedeschi, Oliver, Myers, & Moritz, 2018 – northern Kimberley gecko
Gehyra polka Doughty, Bauer, Pepper, & Keogh, 2018 – large-spotted midwest rock gehyra
Gehyra pseudopunctata Bourke, Doughty, Tedeschi, Oliver, & Moritz, 2018 – southern Kimberley spotted gecko
Gehyra pulingka Hutchinson et al., 2014
Gehyra punctata (Fry, 1914) – spotted dtella
Gehyra purpurascens Storr, 1982 – purplish dtella
Gehyra robusta King, 1984 – robust dtella
Gehyra rohan Oliver, Clegg, Fisher, Richards, Taylor, & Jocque, 2016
Gehyra serraticauda Skipwith & P. Oliver, 2014
Gehyra spheniscus Doughty et al., 2012 – small wedge-toed gecko
Gehyra unguiculata Kealley, Doughty, Pepper, Keogh, Hillyer, & Huey, 2018 – crescent-marked Pilbara gehyra
Gehyra variegata (A.M.C. Duméril & Bibron, 1836) – tree dtella
Gehyra versicolor Hutchinson et al., 2014
Gehyra vorax Girard, 1858 – voracious dtella
Gehyra xenopus Storr, 1978– crocodile-faced dtella

Nota bene: A binomial authority in parentheses indicates that the species was originally described in a genus other than Gehyra.

Gehyra sp. in the Reptile Database.
"Gehyra ". Dahms Tierleben.

Bourke, Gayleen; Pratt, Renae C.; Vanderduys, Eric; Moritz, Craig (2017). "Systematics of a small Gehyra (Squamata: Gekkonidae) from the Einasleigh Uplands, Queensland: description of a new range restricted species". Zootaxa. 4231 (1): 85–99. doi:10.11646/zootaxa.4231.1.5. ISSN 1175-5334. PMID 28187551.

Further reading

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Wikimedia Commons has media related to Gehyra.

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