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Superregnum : Eukaryota
Regnum: Animalia
Subregnum: Eumetazoa
Cladus: Bilateria
Cladus: Nephrozoa
Superphylum: Deuterostomia
Phylum: Chordata
Cladus: Craniata
Subphylum: Vertebrata
Infraphylum: Gnathostomata
Megaclassis: Osteichthyes
Superclassis/Classis: Actinopterygii
Classis/Subclassis: Actinopteri
Subclassis/Infraclassis: Neopterygii
Infraclassis: Teleostei
Megacohors: Osteoglossocephalai
Supercohors: Clupeocephala
Cohors: Otomorpha
Subcohors: Ostariophysi
Sectio: Otophysa
Ordo: Cypriniformes
Superfamilia: Cobitoidea

Familia: Nemacheilidae
Subfamilia: Nemacheilinae
Genus: Yunnanilus
Species: Y. altus – Y. analis – Y. bailianensis – Y. bajiangensis – Y. beipanjiangensis – Y. brevis – Y. caohaiensis – Y. chui – Y. cruciatus – Y. discoloris – Y. elakatis – Y. forkicaudalis – Y. ganheensis – Y. jinxiensis – Y. longibarbatus – Y. longibulla – Y. longidorsalis – Y. macrogaster – Y. macroistainus – Y. macrolepis – Y. nanpanjiangensis – Y. niger – Y. nigromaculatus – Y. niulanensis – Y. obtusirostris – Y. pachycephalus – Y. paludosus – Y. parvus – Y. pleurotaenia – Y. pulcherrimus – Y. qujinensis – Y. sichuanensis – Y. spanisbripes – Y. tigerivinus – Y. yangzonghaiensis

Yunnanilus Nichols, 1925: 1

Type species: Nemacheilus pleurotaenia ♂ Regan, 1904. Technically type is by subsequent designation.

Eonemachilus Berg, 1938: 314, 316
Micronemacheilus Rendahl, 1944
Micronoemacheilus err. spell. -- Prokofiev, 2010
Petruichthys (subgenus of Noemacheilus) Menon, 1987: 36, 181


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Yunnanilus is a genus of small stone loaches that are endemic to southeastern China, especially Guangxi and Yunnan. They are found in rivers, streams and lakes; some species are restricted to caves.[1]

There are currently 35 recognized species in this genus,[2] although other authorities cite fewer species and place a few other species formerly placed here into other genera such as Petruichthys and Micronemacheilus.[3]

Yunnanilus altus Kottelat & X. L. Chu, 1988
Yunnanilus analis J. X. Yang, 1990
Yunnanilus bailianensis J. Yang, 2013[4]
Yunnanilus bajiangensis W. X. Li, 2004
Yunnanilus beipanjiangensis W. X. Li, W. N. Mao & R. F. Sun, 1994
Yunnanilus brevis (Boulenger, 1893)
Yunnanilus caohaiensis R. H. Ding, 1992
Yunnanilus chuanheensis Jiang, Zhao, Du & Wang, 2021[5]
Yunnanilus chui J. X. Yang, 1991
Yunnanilus cruciatus (Rendahl (de), 1944)
Yunnanilus discoloris W. Zhou & J. C. He, 1989
Yunnanilus elakatis W. X. Cao & S. Q. Zhu, 1989
Yunnanilus forkicaudalis Li, 1999
Yunnanilus ganheensis L. An, B. S. Liu & W. X. Li, 2009
Yunnanilus jinxiensis Y. Zhu, L. N. Du & X. Y. Chen, 2009
Yunnanilus longibarbatus X. Gan, X. Y. Chen & J. X. Yang, 2007
Yunnanilus longibulla J. X. Yang, 1990
Yunnanilus macrogaster Kottelat & X. L. Chu, 1988
Yunnanilus macrolepis Li, Tao & Mao, 2000
Yunnanilus macrositanus W. X. Li, 1999
Yunnanilus nanpanjiangensis W. X. Li, W. N. Mao & Z. M. Lu, 1994
Yunnanilus niger Kottelat & X. L. Chu, 1988
Yunnanilus nigromaculatus (Regan, 1904) [6]
Yunnanilus niulanensis Z. M. Chen, J. Yang & J. X. Yang, 2012[7]
Yunnanilus obtusirostris J. X. Yang, 1995
Yunnanilus pachycephalus Kottelat & X. L. Chu, 1988
Yunnanilus paludosus Kottelat & X. L. Chu, 1988
Yunnanilus parvus Kottelat & X. L. Chu, 1988
Yunnanilus pleurotaenia (Regan, 1904)
Yunnanilus pulcherrimus J. X. Yang, X. Y. Chen & J. H. Lan, 2004
Yunnanilus qujinensis L. N. Du, Y. F. Lu & X. Y. Chen, 2015[6]
Yunnanilus sichuanensis R. H. Ding, 1995
Yunnanilus spanisbripes L. An, B. S. Liu & W. X. Li, 2009
Yunnanilus tigerivinus Li & Duan, 1999
Yunnanilus yangzonghaiensis Cao & Zhu, 1989


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