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Classification System: APG IV

Superregnum: Eukaryota
Regnum: Plantae
Cladus: Angiosperms
Cladus: Eudicots
Cladus: Core eudicots
Cladus: Asterids
Cladus: Campanulids
Ordo: Apiales

Familia: Apiaceae
Subfamilia: Azorelloideae
Genus: Azorella
Subgenera: A. subg. Andinae – A. subg. Azorella
Species: A. acaulis – A. albovaginata – A. allanii – A. ameghinoi – A. andina – A. aretioides – A. atacamensis – A. biloba – A. boelckei – A. burkartii – A. cockaynei – A. colensoi – A. compacta – A. concolor – A. corymbosa – A. crassipes – A. crenata – A. cryptantha – A. cuatrecasasii – A. diapensioides – A. diversifolia – A. echegarayi – A. echinus – A. exigua – A. filamentosa – A. fragosea – A. fuegiana – A. haastii – A. hallei – A. hookeri – A. hydrocotyloides – A. julianii – A. lyallii – A. lycopodioides – A. madreporica – A. microphylla – A. monantha – A. monteroi – A. multifida – A. nitens – A. nivalis – A. pallida – A. patagonica – A. pedunculata – A. polaris – A. prolifera – A. pulvinata – A. ranunculus – A. robusta – A. roughii – A. ruizii – A. schizeilema – A. selago – A. spinosa – A. triacantha – A. trifoliolata – A. trifurcata – A. trisecta – A. ulicina – A. valentini


Azorella Lam. Encycl. 1(1): 344. (1783)

Type species: Azorella filamentosa Lam. Encycl. 1: 344. (1783)


Apleura Phil.
Azorellopsis H.Wolff
Chamitis Banks ex Gaertn.
Fragosa Ruiz & Pav.
Kirkophytum (Harms) Allan
Pectophytum Kunth
Huanaca Cav., Icones Plantarum 6. (1800)
Mulinum Pers., Syn. Pl. [Persoon] 1: 309. (1805)
Laretia Gillies & Hook., Bot. Misc. 1: 329, t. 65. (1830)
Stilbocarpa (Hook.f.) Decne. & Planch., Rev. Hort. [Paris]. ser. 4, 3: 105. (1854)
Schizeilema (Hook.f.) Domin, Bot. Jahrb. Syst. 40(5): 573. (1908)

Note: Circumscription sensu Plunkett & Nicolas (2017), but also see Fernández et al. (2017) and Fernández & Calviño (2019).

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Vernacular names
suomi: Atsorellat

Azorella is a genus of flowering plants in the family Apiaceae, native to South America, New Zealand, southeastern Australia, and the islands of the Southern Ocean.[1]

They are low-growing dwarf mat-forming plants growing in high exposure on mountains and subantarctic coasts; with great age they may form rounded mounds of foliage up to 1 m high but are usually less than 10 cm high. Several species are grown as ornamental plants in rock gardens.

Species include:[1]

Azorella albovaginata (Gillies & Hook.) G.M.Plunkett & A.N.Nicolas
Azorella ameghinoi Speg.
Azorella aretioides (Kunth) Willd. ex DC.
Azorella atacamensis G.M.Plunkett & A.N.Nicolas
Azorella biloba (Schltdl.) Wedd.
Azorella boelckei (Mathias & Constance) G.M.Plunkett & A.N.Nicolas
Azorella burkartii (Mathias & Constance) G.M.Plunkett & A.N.Nicolas
Azorella cockaynei Diels
Azorella colensoi (Domin) G.M.Plunkett & A.N.Nicolas
Azorella compacta Phil.
Azorella concolor Rendle
Azorella corymbosa (Ruiz & Pav.) Pers.
Azorella crassipes Phil.
Azorella crenata (Ruiz & Pav.) Pers.
Azorella cryptantha (Clos) Reiche
Azorella cuatrecasasii Mathias & Constance
Azorella diapensioides A.Gray
Azorella diversifolia Clos
Azorella echegarayi (Hieron.) G.M.Plunkett & A.N.Nicolas
Azorella echinus (DC.) G.M.Plunkett & A.N.Nicolas
Azorella exigua (Hook.f.) Drude
Azorella filamentosa Lam.
Azorella fragosea (F.Muell.) Druce
Azorella fuegiana Speg.
Azorella glacialis Phil.
Azorella haastii (Hook.f.) Drude
Azorella hallei (Skottsb.) G.M.Plunkett & A.N.Nicolas
Azorella hookeri Drude
Azorella julianii Mathias & Constance
Azorella lyallii (J.B.Armstr.) G.M.Plunkett & A.N.Nicolas
Azorella lycopodioides Gaudich.
Azorella macquariensis Orchard
Azorella madreporica Clos
Azorella microphylla (Cav.) G.M.Plunkett & A.N.Nicolas
Azorella monantha Clos
Azorella monteroi S.Martínez & Constance
Azorella multifida (Ruiz & Pav.) Pers.
Azorella nitens Petrie
Azorella nivalis Phil.
Azorella pallida (Kirk) Kirk
Azorella patagonica Speg.
Azorella pedunculata (Spreng.) Mathias & Constance
Azorella polaris (Hombr. & Jacquinot) G.M.Plunkett & A.N.Nicolas
Azorella prolifera (Cav.) G.M.Plunkett & A.N.Nicolas
Azorella pulvinata Wedd.
Azorella ranunculus d'Urv.
Azorella robusta (Kirk) G.M.Plunkett & A.N.Nicolas
Azorella ruizii G.M.Plunkett & A.N.Nicolas
Azorella schizeilema G.M.Plunkett & A.N.Nicolas
Azorella selago Hook.f.
Azorella spinosa (Ruiz & Pav.) Pers.
Azorella trifoliolata Clos
Azorella trifurcata (Gaertn.) Pers.
Azorella ulicina (Gillies & Hook.) G.M.Plunkett & A.N.Nicolas


"Azorella Lam". Plants of the World Online. Royal Botanical Gardens Kew. Retrieved 12 December 2018.

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