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Classification System: APG IV

Superregnum: Eukaryota
Regnum: Plantae
Cladus: Angiosperms
Cladus: Eudicots
Cladus: Core eudicots
Cladus: Asterids
Cladus: Campanulids
Ordo: Asterales

Familia: Asteraceae
Subfamilia: Asteroideae
Tribus: Gnaphalieae
Genus: Gamochaeta
Species: G. aliena – G. alpina – G. ambatensis – G. andina – G. antarctica – G. antillanum – G. argentina – G. argyrinea – G. axillaris – G. badillana – G. beckii – G. berteriana – G. boliviensis – G. brasiliana – G. calviceps – G. camaquensis – G. capitata – G. chamissonis – G. chilensis – G. chionesthes – G. coarctata – G. depilata – G. deserticola – G. diffusa – G. erecta – G. falcata – G. fernandeziana – G. filaginea – G. foliosa – G. girardiana – G. grazielae – G. humilis – G. irazuensis – G. longipedicellata – G. lulioana – G. malvinensis – G. meridensis – G. monticola – G. neuquensis – G. nigrevestis – G. nivalis – G. oligantha – G. oreophila – G. pensylvanica – G. peregrina – G. platensis – G. polybotrya – G. procumbens – G. purpurea – G. rizzinii – G. serpyllifolia – G. simplicicaulis – G. sphacelata – G. spiciformis – G. stachydifolia – G. stagnalis – G. suffruticosa – G. thouarsii – G. ustulata – G. valparadisea – G. villarroelii

Gamochaeta Wedd., Chlor. Andina 1: 151. (1856)

Type species: Gamochaeta purpurea (L.) Cabrera, Bol. Soc. Argent. Bot. 9: 377. (1961) originally designated as Gnaphalium americanum Mill., Gard. Dict., ed. 8. n. 17. (1768)


Gnaphalium sect. Gamochaeta (Wedd.)
Gnaphalium subg. Gamochaeta (Wedd.) Gren.
Stuckertiella Beauverd, Bull. Soc. Bot. Genève ser. 2, 5: 205. (1913)
Gamochaetopsis Anderb. & S.E.Freire, Bot. J. Linn. Soc. 106(2): 186. (1991)


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Links 2018. Gamochaeta. Missouri Botanical Garden. Published on the internet. Accessed: 2018 January 14.
Gamochaeta Wedd. – Taxon details on Integrated Taxonomic Information System (ITIS).
Gamochaeta – Taxon details on National Center for Biotechnology Information (NCBI).
EOL: Gamochaeta

Vernacular names
English: Everlastings, Cudweeds
日本語: ウスベニチチコグサ属

Gamochaeta is a genus of flowering plants in the aster family.[4] There has not always been agreement among botanists regarding its status as a recognized genus, but it has become more accepted in recent years.[5][6] It currently includes many plants that previously belonged in genus Gnaphalium. Like many species of Gnaphalium, many Gamochaeta are called cudweeds or everlastings.

Gamochaeta are native to North and South America, with one species endemic to Tristan da Cunha in the South Atlantic.[6][7] Some species are found in other regions as introduced species outside of their native ranges, and sometimes as invasive noxious weeds.[6][8]

Plants of this genus have "relatively small heads in spiciform (spike-like) arrays, concave post-fruiting receptacles, truncate collecting appendages of style branches in bisexual florets, relatively small cypselae (fruits) with minute, mucilage-producing papilliform hairs on the faces, and pappus bristles basally connate (joined) in smooth rings and released as single units."[6]


Gamochaeta aliena – Chile
Gamochaeta ambatensis – Catamarca
Gamochaeta americana – lechuguilla, palomita, American everlasting – South America, Mesoamerica, West Indies
Gamochaeta andina – Chile
Gamochaeta antarctica – Antarctic cudweed – Tierra del Fuego, Falkland Islands
Gamochaeta antillana – southeastern US
Gamochaeta argentina – Rio Grande do Sul, Uruguay, northeastern Argentina
Gamochaeta argyrinea – silvery cudweed – California, southeastern United States
Gamochaeta axillaris – Chile
Gamochaeta badillana – Venezuela
Gamochaeta beckii[13] – Bolivia
Gamochaeta berteroana – Chile
Gamochaeta boliviensis – Bolivia
Gamochaeta calviceps – southeastern US
Gamochaeta camaquaensis – Rio Grande do Sul
Gamochaeta chamissonis – Chile, Argentina, Juan Fernández Islands
Gamochaeta chilensis – Chile
Gamochaeta chionesthes – white-cloaked cudweed – southeastern United States
Gamochaeta coarctata – South America
Gamochaeta depilata – Neuquén, Chile
Gamochaeta deserticola – Tarapaca, Salta, Jujuy
Gamochaeta diffusa – Neuquén, Chile
Gamochaeta erecta – Rio Grande do Sul
Gamochaeta girardiana – Rio Grande do Sul
Gamochaeta grazielae – Rio de Janeiro
Gamochaeta hiemalis – Southern Brazil
Gamochaeta humilis – Antofagasta, Peru, Bolivia
Gamochaeta irazuensis – Costa Rica
Gamochaeta longipedicellata – Jujuy
Gamochaeta lulioana – Peru, Bolivia
Gamochaeta malvinensis – Tierra del Fuego, Falkland Islands
Gamochaeta meridensis – Venezuela
Gamochaeta monticola – Neuquén, Chile, Bolivia
Gamochaeta neuquensis – Neuquén, Rio Negro, central + southern Chile
Gamochaeta nigrevestis – southeastern Brazil
Gamochaeta nivalis – Chile, Argentina
Gamochaeta oligantha – Santiago, Valparaíso
Gamochaeta oreophila – Peru
Gamochaeta pensylvanica – Mesoamerica
Gamochaeta platensis – Uruguay, northeastern Argentina, southern Brazil
Gamochaeta polybotrya – Chile, Argentina
Gamochaeta procumbens – central Chile
Gamochaeta purpurea – North America
Gamochaeta rizzinii – Rio de Janeiro, Rio Grande do Sul
Gamochaeta rosacea – Durango, San Luis Potosi
Gamochaeta serpyllifolia – Chile, Argentina
Gamochaeta simplicicaulis – simple-stem cudweed – South America; naturalized in New Zealand + southeastern United States
Gamochaeta sphacelata – South America, Mexico, Texas
Gamochaeta spiciformis – Chile, Argentina
Gamochaeta stachydifolia – Brazil, Argentina, Chile, Uruguay, Juan Fernández Islands
Gamochaeta stagnalis – desert cudweed – Mexico, Guatemala, United States (California Arizona New Mexico)
Gamochaeta suffruticosa – Coquimbo
Gamochaeta thouarsii – Tristan da Cunha
Gamochaeta ustulata – Pacific Coast of US + Canada
Gamochaeta valparadisea – Valparaíso
Gamochaeta villarroelii – Santiago


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