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Classification System: APG IV

Superregnum: Eukaryota
Regnum: Plantae
Cladus: Angiosperms
Cladus: Eudicots
Cladus: Core eudicots
Cladus: Asterids
Cladus: Campanulids
Ordo: Asterales

Familia: Asteraceae
Subfamilia: Asteroideae
Tribus: Heliantheae
Subtribus: Ecliptinae
Genus: Wedelia
Species: W. acapulcensis – W. aggregata – W. alagoensis – W. almedae – W. ambigens – W. andersonii – W. angustifolia – W. annua – W. asperrima – W. attenuata – W. aurantiaca – W. avilensis – W. bahamensis – W. bahiensis – W. baorucana – W. bishopii – W. bishoplecta – W. bonplandiana – W. cachimboensis – W. caleoides – W. calycina – W. camporum – W. cardenasii – W. chihuahuana – W. cordiformis – W. cronquistii – W. cylindrocephala – W. diffusiflora – W. ehrenbergii – W. elata – W. elliptica – W. elottiana – W. episcopalis – W. filipes – W. floribunda – W. foliacea – W. forbesii – W. frioana – W. frustrata – W. fruticosa – W. fuscasiccans – W. gardneri – W. gaudichaudii – W. gentryi – W. gonzaleziarum – W. goyazensis – W. grandiflora – W. grayi – W. greenmanii – W. hassleriana – W. hatschbachii – W. helianthoides – W. heringeri – W. heringeriana – W. heterophylla – W. hintoniorum – W. hispidantha – W. hispidula – W. hoffmanniana – W. holwayi – W. hookeriana – W. inconstans – W. iners – W. isolepis – W. jugata – W. juxtlahuacana – W. keilii – W. kerrii – W. kirkbridei – W. laevissima – W. lanceolata – W. latifolia – W. leucanthema – W. leucoglossa – W. ligulifolia – W. longifolia – W. loxensis – W. lundii – W. macedoi – W. macrodonta – W. martii – W. mexicana – W. modesta – W. montevidensis – W. oblonga – W. oligocephala – W. ovalifolia – W. oxylepis – W. pallida – W. pascalioides – W. penninervia – W. pertenuis – W. phyllostachya – W. pimana – W. podophylla – W. procumbens – W. pseudoyedaea – W. puberula – W. purpurea – W. ramagii – W. reflexa – W. regis – W. reticulata – W. riedellii – W. rosei – W. rudis – W. rugosa – W. saltensis – W. serrata – W. serrulata – W. silphioides – W. simpsoniae – W. simsioides – W. souzae – W. squarrosa – W. strigosa – W. stuebelii – W. subalpestris – W. subpetiolata – W. subvelutina – W. symmetrica – W. talpana – W. tambilloana – W. tomentosa – W. trichostephia – W. urbanii – W. vauthieri – W. veadeirosensis – W. vexata – W. vieirae – W. villosa – W. warmingii – W. xylopoda – W. zuliana

Wedelia Jacq., Enum. Syst. Pl. 8, 28. (1760) nom. cons

Type species: Wedelia fruticosa Jacq., Enum. Syst. Pl. 8, 28. (1760)


Seruneum Kuntze, Revis. Gen. Pl. 1: 364. (1891) nom. illeg. nom. superfl.


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Wedelia Jacq. – Taxon details on Integrated Taxonomic Information System (ITIS).
IUCN link: Wedelia threatened species
Wedelia – Taxon details on National Center for Biotechnology Information (NCBI).

Vernacular names
English: Creeping Oxeye

Wedelia is a flowering plant genus in the sunflower family.[6][4] They are one of the genera commonly called "creeping-oxeyes".[7]

The genus is named in honor of German botanist and physician Georg Wolfgang Wedel, 1645–1721.[8][9]
Wedelia in Noida, near New delhi


There are difficulties regarding the classification of this genus for its affinities are uncertain. Further studies are needed to clarify its taxonomic and phylogenetic relationships.[10][11]

Many species were once considered part of Wedelia but have been now transferred to other genera, including Angelphytum, Aspilia, Baltimora, Blainvillea, Chrysogonum, Eclipta, Elaphandra, Eleutheranthera, Guizotia, Heliopsis, Kingianthus, Lasianthaea, Melampodium, Melanthera, Moonia, Sphagneticola, Synedrella, Tuberculocarpus, Verbesina, Viguiera, Villanova, Wollastonia and Zexmenia.[5]
Species list


Wedelia acapulcensis
Wedelia acerba
Wedelia aggregata
Wedelia almedae
Wedelia ambigens
Wedelia avilensis
Wedelia ayerscottiana
Wedelia bahamensis
Wedelia baorucana
Wedelia bishopii
Wedelia buphthalmoides
Wedelia caribaea
Wedelia chihuahuana
Wedelia cordiformis
Wedelia cronquistii
Wedelia cunninghamii
Wedelia ehrenbergii
Wedelia elongata
Wedelia elottiana
Wedelia fertilis
Wedelia filipes
Wedelia forsteriana
Wedelia fruticosa
Wedelia gentryi
Wedelia glauca
Wedelia gonzaleziarum
Wedelia goyazensis
Wedelia grandiflora
Wedelia grayi
Wedelia greenmanii
Wedelia hatschbachii
Wedelia helianthoides
Wedelia heringeri
Wedelia heterophylla
Wedelia hintoniorum
Wedelia hispida
Wedelia hispidula
Wedelia holowayi
Wedelia holwayi
Wedelia iners
Wedelia isolepis
Wedelia juxtlahuacana
Wedelia keilii
Wedelia kerrii
Wedelia kirkbridei
Wedelia lanceolata
Wedelia latifolia
Wedelia ligulifolia
Wedelia longifolia
Wedelia longipes
Wedelia loxensis
Wedelia lundii
Wedelia macedoi
Wedelia macrodonta
Wedelia mexicana
Wedelia modesta
Wedelia montana
Wedelia oligocephala
Wedelia pallida
Wedelia paraensis
Wedelia parviflora
Wedelia pedunculosa
Wedelia penninervia
Wedelia pertenuis
Wedelia pimana
Wedelia prostrata
Wedelia puberula
Wedelia purpurea
Wedelia ramagii
Wedelia regis
Wedelia reticulata
Wedelia rhombifolia
Wedelia rosei
Wedelia rudis
Wedelia rugosa
Wedelia saltensis
Wedelia scabra
Wedelia scandens
Wedelia serrata
Wedelia simsioides
Wedelia souzae
Wedelia spilanthoides
Wedelia stenophylla
Wedelia stirlingii
Wedelia strigosa
Wedelia stuebelii
Wedelia subalpestris
Wedelia subvaginata
Wedelia subvelutina
Wedelia symmetrica
Wedelia talpana
Wedelia tambilloana
Wedelia tehuantepecana
Wedelia thouarsii
Wedelia trichostephia
Wedelia uniflora
Wedelia urbani
Wedelia urticaefolia
Wedelia urticifolia
Wedelia vauthieri
Wedelia veadeirosensis
Wedelia verbesinoides
Wedelia vexata
Wedelia villosa
Wedelia xylopoda


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