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Icosahedral pyramid



Ideal (ring theory)

Idempotent element

Idempotent matrix

Identity component

Identity matrix

Idoneal number

If and only if

Igusa quartic

Ihara's lemma

Imaginary curve

Imaginary point

Immanant of a matrix

Imperfect group

Implicit function

Improper rotation

Ince equation

Incidence matrix

Incircle and excircles of a triangle


Index set

Indicator vector

Indeterminate equation

Indiana University Mathematics Journal

Indigenous bundle

Induced character

Infinitary logic

Infinite-dimensional vector function

Infinite expression

Infinite product

Infinitesimal transformation

Injective function

Inner product space


Integer sequence

Integrable system


Integral curve

Integral equation

Integral Equations and Operator Theory

Integral geometry

Integral Transforms and Special Functions

Interior product

International Journal of Mathematics and Mathematical Sciences



Interval (mathematics)

Invariant (mathematics)

Invariant polynomial

Inventiones Mathematicae

Inverse hyperbolic function

Inverse trigonometric functions

Invertible matrix


Involution algebra

Involution representation

Involutional system

Involutive distribution Irrational number

Involve, a Journal of Mathematics

Irrational number

Irreducible analytic space

Irreducible component

Irreducible continuum

Irreducible element

Irreducible mapping

Irreducible matrix group

Irreducible module

Irreducible polynomial

Irreducible representation

Irreducible ring

Irreducible topological space

Irreducible variety

Irregular boundary point

Irregular prime number

Irregular singular point


Irregularity indices

Isoclinism of groups



Isogonal trajectory

Isogons and isohedra



Isolated point

Isolated singular point

Isolated subgroup

Isometric immersion

Isometric mapping

Isometric operator

Isometric surfaces


Isomorphism problem

Isoperimetric inequality

Isosceles trapezoid

Isosceles triangle

Isothetic polygon

Isotone mapping

Isotropic quadratic form

Isotropic submanifold

Isotropic vector

Isotropy congruence

Isotropy group

Isotropy representation

Italian school of algebraic geometry

Iterated function system

Iterated kernel

Iteration algorithm

Iterative method

Ito formula

Ito process

Ivanov-Petrova metric

Iversen theorem

Iwasawa, Kenkichi

Iwasawa decomposition

Iwasawa group

Iwasawa manifold

Izvestiya: Mathematics

Mathematics Encyclopedia

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