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Classification System: APG IV

Superregnum: Eukaryota
Regnum: Plantae
Cladus: Angiosperms
Cladus: Eudicots
Cladus: Core eudicots
Cladus: Asterids
Cladus: Lamiids
Ordo: Lamiales

Familia: Scrophulariaceae
Tribus: Hemimerideae
Genus: Nemesia
Species: N. acornis – N. acuminata – N. affinis – N. albiflora – N. anfracta – N. anisocarpa – N. arenifera – N. aurantia – N. azurea – N. barbata – N. bicornis – N. bodkinii – N. brevicalcarata – N. caerulea – N. calcarata – N. cheiranthus – N. chrysolopha – N. cynanchifolia – N. deflexa – N. denticulata – N. diffusa – N. elata – N. euryceras – N. fleckii – N. floribunda – N. fourcadei – N. fruticans – N. glabriuscula – N. glaucescens – N. gracilis – N. grandiflora – N. hanoverica – N. hemiptera – N. ionantha – N. karasbergensis – N. karroensis – N. lanceolata – N. leipoldtii – N. ligulata – N. lilacina – N. linearis – N. lucida – N. macrocarpa – N. macroceras – N. maxii – N. melissifolia – N. micrantha – N. monomotapensis – N. pageae – N. pallida – N. parviflora – N. petiolina – N. picta – N. pinnata – N. platysepala – N. psammophila – N. pubescens – N. pulchella – N. rupicola – N. saccata – N. silvatica – N. strumosa – N. suaveolens – N. umbonata – N. versicolor – N. violiflora – N. viscosa – N. williamsonii – N. zimbabwensis


Nemesia Vent., Jard. Malmaison: 41 (1804)

Type species: Nemesia fruticans Benth., Companion Bot. Mag. 2: 22. (1836) Designated as its synonym Nemesia foetens Vent. (1804).


Porfuris Raf., Autik. Bot.: 155 (1840).

Primary references

Ventenat, É.P. 1803. Jardin de la Malmaison 41. t. 41.

Additional references

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Vernacular names
suomi: Kohtalonkukat

Nemesia is a genus of annuals, perennials and sub-shrubs which are native to sandy coasts or disturbed ground[2] in South Africa. Numerous hybrids have been selected, and the annual cultivars are popular with gardeners as bedding plants.[3] In temperate regions they are usually treated as half-hardy, grown from seed in heat, and planted out after all danger of frost has passed.

The flowers are two-lipped, with the upper lip consisting of four lobes and the lower lip two lobes.[2]

The following cultivars have gained the Royal Horticultural Society’s Award of Garden Merit:-[4]

Blue Cloud = ‘Penblue’[5]
Melanie = ‘Fleuron’[7]
Nemesia denticulata[8]


Species include:[9]

Nemesia acornis K.E.Steiner
Nemesia acuminata Benth.
Nemesia affinis Benth.
Nemesia albiflora N.E.Br.
Nemesia anfracta Hiern
Nemesia angustifolia Grant ex Range
Nemesia anisocarpa E.Mey. ex Benth.
Nemesia azurea Diels
Nemesia barbata (Thunb.) Benth.
Nemesia bicornis (L.) Pers.
Nemesia bodkinii Bolus
Nemesia brevicalcarata Schltr.
Nemesia caerulea Hiern
Nemesia calcarata E.Mey. ex Benth.
Nemesia cheiranthus E.Mey. ex Benth.
Nemesia chrysolopha Diels
Nemesia cynanchifolia Benth.
Nemesia deflexa Grant ex K.E.Steiner
Nemesia denticulata (Benth.) Grant ex Fourc.
Nemesia diffusa Benth.
Nemesia euryceras Schltr.
Nemesia fleckii Thell.
Nemesia floribunda Lehm.
Nemesia fruticans (Thunb.) Benth.
Nemesia glabriuscula Hilliard & B.L.Burtt
Nemesia glaucescens Hiern
Nemesia gracilis Benth.
Nemesia grandiflora Diels
Nemesia hanoverica Hiern
Nemesia hemiptera K.E.Steiner
Nemesia ionantha Diels
Nemesia karasbergensis L.Bolus

Nemesia karroensis Bond
Nemesia lanceolata Hiern
Nemesia leipoldtii Hiern
Nemesia ligulata E.Mey. ex Benth.
Nemesia lilacina N.E.Br.
Nemesia linearis Vent.
Nemesia lucida Benth.
Nemesia macrocarpa (Aiton) Druce
Nemesia macroceras Schltr.
Nemesia marlothii Grant ex Range
Nemesia maxii Hiern
Nemesia melissifolia Benth.
Nemesia micrantha Hiern
Nemesia pageae L.Bolus
Nemesia pallida Hiern
Nemesia parviflora Benth.
Nemesia petiolina Hiern
Nemesia picta Schltr.
Nemesia pinnata (L.f.) E.Mey. ex Benth.
Nemesia platysepala Diels
Nemesia psammophila Schltr.
Nemesia pubescens Benth.
Nemesia pulchella Schltr. ex Hiern
Nemesia rupicola Hilliard
Nemesia saccata E.Mey. ex Benth.
Nemesia silvatica Hilliard
Nemesia strumosa (Benth.) Benth.
Nemesia umbonata (Hiern) Hilliard & B.L.Burtt
Nemesia violiflora Roessler
Nemesia viscosa E.Mey. ex Benth.
Nemesia williamsonii K.E.Steiner
Nemesia zimbabwensis Rendle

See also

List of Nemesia cultivars


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