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Cladus: Eukaryota
Supergroup: Opisthokonta
Regnum: Animalia
Subregnum: Eumetazoa
Cladus: Bilateria
Cladus: Nephrozoa
Cladus: Protostomia
Cladus: Spiralia
Cladus: Platyzoa
Phylum: Acanthocephala
Classis: Archiacanthocephala
Ordo: Oligacanthorhynchida
Familia: Oligacanthorhynchidae
Genera (9): Echinorhynchus - Macracanthorhynchus - Neoncicola - Nephridiorhynchus - Oligacanthorhynchus - Oncicola - Pachysentis - Prosthenorchis - Tchadorhynchus
[source: Catalogue of Life: 2011 Annual Checklist]


Oligacanthorhynchidae Southwell & Macfie, 1925


Oligacanthorhynchidae Meyer, 1931


Crompton, D.W.T.; Nickol, B.B. 1985: Biology of the Acanthocephala, Cambridge University Press, p. 34. Preview: [1]
Schmidt, G.D. 1972: Revision of the class Archiacanthocephala Meyer, 1931 (Phylum Acanthocephala), with emphasis on Oligacanthorhynchidae Southwell et MacFie, 1925. Journal of parasitology, 58(2): 290-297. JSTOR
Oligacanthorhynchidae Southwell & Macfie, 1925 Report on ITIS

Oligacanthorhynchida is an order containing a single family, Oligacanthorhynchidae,[1] of parasitic worms that attach themselves to the intestinal wall of terrestrial vertebrates


Contains the following species:

Echinorhynchus amphipacus Westrumb, 1821
Echinorhynchus depressus Nitzsch, 1866
Echinorhynchus hominis Leuckart, 1876
Echinorhynchus magretti Parona, 1885
Echinorhynchus pachyacanthus Sonsino, 1889
Echinorhynchus putorii Molin, 1858


Contains the following species:

Macracanthorhynchus catulinus Kostylev, 1927
Macracanthorhynchus hirudinaceus (Pallas, 1781)
Macracanthorhynchus ingens (Linstow, 1879)


Contains the following species:

Neoncicola avicola (Travossos, 1917)
Neoncicola bursata (Meyer, 1931)
Neoncicola curvata (Linstow, 1897)
Neoncicola novellae (Parona, 1890)
Neoncicola pintoi (Machado, 1950)
Neoncicola potosi (Machado, 1950)
Neoncicola sinensis Schmidt and Dunn, 1974
Neoncicola skrjabini (Morosow, 1951)


Contains the following species:

Nephridiorhynchus major (Bremser, 1811)
Nephridiorhynchus palawanensis Tubangui, et al, 1938
Nephridiorhynchus thapari Sen and Chauhan, 1972


Contains the following species:

Oligacanthorhynchus aenigma (Reichensperger, 1922)
Oligacanthorhynchus atrata (Meyer, 1931)
Oligacanthorhynchus bangalorensis (Pujatti, 1951)
Oligacanthorhynchus carinii (Travassos, 1917)
Oligacanthorhynchus cati (Gupta and Lata, 1967)
Oligacanthorhynchus circumplexus (Molin, 1858)
Oligacanthorhynchus citilli (Rudolphi, 1806)
Oligacanthorhynchus compressus (Rudolphi, 1802)
Oligacanthorhynchus decrescens (Meyer, 1931)
Oligacanthorhynchus erinacei (Rudolphi, 1793)
Oligacanthorhynchus gerberi (Baer, 1959)
Oligacanthorhynchus hamatus (Linstow, 1897)
Oligacanthorhynchus iheringi Travassos, 1917
Oligacanthorhynchus kamerunensis (Meyer, 1931)
Oligacanthorhynchus kamtschaticus Hokhlova, 1966
Oligacanthorhynchus lagenaeformis (Westrumb, 1821)
Oligacanthorhynchus lamasi (Freitas and Costa, 1964)
Oligacanthorhynchus lerouxi (Bisseru, 1956)
Oligacanthorhynchus longissimus (Golvan, 1962)
Oligacanthorhynchus major (Machado, 1963)
Oligacanthorhynchus manifestus (Leidy, 1851)
Oligacanthorhynchus manisensis (Meyer, 1931)
Oligacanthorhynchus mariemily (Tadros, 1969)
Oligacanthorhynchus microcephala (Rudolphi, 1819)
Oligacanthorhynchus minor Machado, 1964
Oligacanthorhynchus oligacanthus (Rudolphi, 1819)
Oligacanthorhynchus oti
Oligacanthorhynchus pardalis (Westrumb, 1821)
Oligacanthorhynchus ricinoides (Rudolphi, 1808)
Oligacanthorhynchus shillongensis (Sen and Chauhan, 1972)
Oligacanthorhynchus spira (Diesing, 1851)
Oligacanthorhynchus taenioides (Diesing, 1851)
Oligacanthorhynchus thumbi
Oligacanthorhynchus tortuosa (Leidy, 1850)
Oligacanthorhynchus tumida (Van Cleve, 1947)


Contains the following species:

Oncicola campanulata (Diesing, 1851)
Oncicola canis (Kaupp, 1909)
Oncicola chibigouzouensis Machado, 1963
Oncicola confusus (Machado, 1950)
Oncicola dimorpha Meyer, 1931
Oncicola freitasi (Machado, 1950)
Oncicola gigas Meyer, 1931
Oncicola justatesticularis (Machado, 1950)
Oncicola luehei (Travassos, 1917)
Oncicola machadoi Schmidt, 1917
Oncicola macrurae Meyer, 1931
Oncicola malayanus Toumanoff, 1947
Oncicola martini Schmidt, 1977
Oncicola megalhaesi Machado, 1962
Oncicola michaelseni Meyer, 1932
Oncicola micracantha Machado, 1949
Oncicola oncicola (Ihering, 1892)
Oncicola paracampanulata Machado, 1963
Oncicola pomatostomi (Johnston and Cleland, 1912)
Oncicola schacheri Schmidt, 1972
Oncicola signoides (Meyer, 1932)
Oncicola spirula (Olferas, 1819)
Oncicola travassosi Witenberg, 1938
Oncicola venezuelensis Marteau, 1977


Contains the following species:

Pachysentis angolensis (Golvan, 1957)
Pachysentis canicola Meyer, 1931
Pachysentis dollfusi (Machado, 1950)
Pachysentis ehrenbergi Meyer, 1931
Pachysentis gethi (Machado, 1950)
Pachysentis lenti (Machado, 1950)
Pachysentis procumbens Meyer, 1931
Pachysentis procyonis (Machado, 1950)
Pachysentis rugosus (Machado, 1950)
Pachysentis septemserialis (Machado, 1950)


Contains the following species:

Prosthenorchis elegans (Diesing, 1851)
Prosthenorchis fraterna (Baer, 1959)
Prosthenorchis lemuri Machado, 1950


Contains the following species:

Tchadorhynchus quentini Troncy, 1970


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