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Lined surgeonfish Acanthurus lineatus (striped surgeonfish) (5849453394)

Superregnum: Eukaryota
Cladus: Unikonta
Cladus: Opisthokonta
Cladus: Holozoa
Regnum: Animalia
Subregnum: Eumetazoa
Cladus: Bilateria
Cladus: Nephrozoa
Superphylum: Deuterostomia
Phylum: Chordata
Subphylum: Vertebrata
Infraphylum: Gnathostomata
Megaclassis: Osteichthyes
Superclassis/Classis: Actinopterygii
Classis/Subclassis: Actinopteri
Subclassis/Infraclassis: Neopterygii
Infraclassis: Teleostei
Megacohors: Osteoglossocephalai
Supercohors: Clupeocephala
Cohors: Euteleosteomorpha
Subcohors: Neoteleostei
Infracohors: Eurypterygia
Sectio: Ctenosquamata
Subsectio: Acanthomorphata
Divisio/Superordo: Acanthopterygii
Subdivisio: Percomorphaceae
Series: Eupercaria
Ordo: Acanthuriformes
Subordo: Acanthuroidei

Familia: Acanthuridae
Genus: Acanthurus
Species: Acanthurus lineatus

Acanthurus lineatus (Linnaeus, 1758)
Original combination: Chaetodon lineatus


Linnaeus, C. 1758. Systema Naturae per regna tria naturæ, secundum classes, ordines, genera, species, cum characteribus, differentiis, synonymis, locis, Tomus I. Editio decima, reformata. Holmiæ: impensis direct. Laurentii Salvii. i–ii, 1–824 pp DOI: 10.5962/bhl.title.542: 274. Reference page.
Acanthurus lineatus in the World Register of Marine Species
Acanthurus lineatus – Taxon details on Integrated Taxonomic Information System (ITIS).

Vernacular names
Bislama: Blumak
català: Acanthurus lineatus
Deutsch: Blaustreifen-Doktorfisch
English: Striped Surgeonfish, Lined Surgeonfish, Clown Tang
español: Pez cirujano
suomi: Juovavälskäri
français: Chirurgien zèbre
italiano: Pesce chirurgo striato
lietuvių: Dryžasis jūrų chirurgas
Nederlands: Acanthurus lineatus
polski: Pokolec strojny
русский: Полосатый хирург
svenska: Clown kirurg
ไทย: ปลาเซอร์เจี้ยนลาย, ปลาขี้ตังเบ็ดลาย
中文: 彩带刺尾鱼

Acanthurus lineatus, the lined surgeonfish, is a member of the family Acanthuridae, the surgeonfishes. Other common names include blue banded surgeonfish, blue-lined surgeonfish, clown surgeonfish, pyjama tang, striped surgeonfish, and zebra surgeonfish.[1]


This species reaches about 38 centimeters in length. Much of the body has black-edged blue and yellow stripes, and the top of the head is striped with yellow. The belly is grayish. The pectoral fins have darkened rays and the pelvic fins are yellow-brown with black margins. Individuals from around the Philippines vary in coloration.[2] The sharp, forward-pointing spines on the caudal peduncle are venomous.[3]

A. lineatus occurs in the Indian Ocean from East Africa to the western Pacific Ocean to the Great Barrier Reef, Japan, Polynesia,[3] and Hawaii.

The lined surgeonfish is associated with reefs, living in marine waters just a few meters deep. It is benthopelagic.[3]

The fish is territorial, with a large male defending a feeding territory and a harem of females. The adults may also school, and they gather en masse during spawning. The juvenile is solitary. The fish is mostly herbivorous, but might eat crustaceans at times.[3] Most of its diet is algae. It grazes during the day.[1]

Human uses

This species is of commercial and ornamental value. It is especially important among the reef fishes of American Samoa. In some areas it is heavily exploited, but it lives in many protected zones and in general it is widespread and common.[1]

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