15 and 290 theorems

Achilles number

Algebraic number theory

Algorithmic Number Theory Symposium


Amenable number

Amicable number

Analytic number theory

Aurifeuillian factorization

Ax–Kochen theorem

Ban number

Bertrand's postulate

Blum integer

Brocard's problem

Chen's theorem

Computational number theory

Eisenstein's theorem

Euclid's lemma

Euclid number

Euler's four-square identity

Extravagant number


Faltings' theorem

Fast Library for Number Theory

Feit-Thompson conjecture

Fibonacci prime

Floyd's Triangle

Fourth power

Freiman's theorem

Friendly number

Frugal number

Geometry of numbers

Goormaghtigh conjecture

Green–Tao theorem

Lagrange's four-square theorem

Langlands program

Lychrel number

Mihailescu's theorem

Minkowski-Hlawka theorem

Minkowski's theorem

Mirimanoff's congruence

Möbius transform

Morton number

Number theory

Parasitic number

Pascal's triangle

Perfect number

Persistence of a number

Prime number


Quasiperfect number

Ramanujan's tau function

Sociable number

Taxicab number

Thabit number

Tijdeman's theorem

Timeline of number theory

Wall-Sun-Sun prime

Zolotarev's lemma


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