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Superregnum: Eukaryota
Cladus: Unikonta
Cladus: Opisthokonta
Cladus: Holozoa
Regnum: Animalia
Subregnum: Eumetazoa
Cladus: Bilateria
Cladus: Nephrozoa
Cladus: Protostomia
Cladus: Ecdysozoa
Cladus: Panarthropoda
Phylum: Arthropoda
Subphylum: Hexapoda
Classis: Insecta
Cladus: Dicondylia
Subclassis: Pterygota
Cladus: Metapterygota
Infraclassis: Neoptera
Cladus: Eumetabola
Cladus: Endopterygota
Superordo: Coleopterida
Ordo: Coleoptera
Subordo: Polyphaga
Infraordo: Cucujiformia
Superfamilia: Cucujoidea

Familia: Erotylidae
Synonyms (1): Languriidae
Subfamiliae (6): Cryptophilinae - Erotylinae - Languriinae - Loberinae - Pharaxonothinae - Xenoscelinae


Erotylidae Latreille, 1802


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Atlas of Erotylidae of Russia

Vernacular names
English: Pleasing fungus beetles
日本語: オオキノコムシ科
русский: Грибовики
中文: 大蕈蟲科

Erotylidae, or the pleasing fungus beetles, is a family of beetles containing over 100 genera. In the present circumscription, it contains 6 tribes (Tritomini, Dacnini, Megalodacnini, Erotylini, Cryptophilini, and Languriini) and 10 subfamilies (Cryptophilinae, Dacninae, Encaustinae, Erotylinae, Languriinae, Loberinae, Megalodacninae, Pharaxonothinae, Tritominae, and Xenoscelinae).[1] In other words, the narrowly circumscribed Erotylidae correspond to the subfamily Erotylinae in the definition sensu lato. There are doubts on the monophyly of lower ranked taxa within Erotylidae, with further phylogenetic studies requiring better sampling and studies of unexplored character sets, for example the metendosternite and penile flagellum, which are generally lacking detailed morphological studies within the Coleoptera literature.[2]

Erotylidae feed on plant and fungal matter; some are important pollinators (e.g. of the ancient cycads), while a few have gained notoriety as pests of some significance. Sometimes, useful and harmful species are found in one genus, e.g. Pharaxonotha. Most pleasing fungus beetles, however, are inoffensive animals of little significance to humans.
Selected genera

These 160 genera belong to the family Erotylidae:

Acropteroxys Gorham, 1887 i c g b
Aegithus Fabricius, 1801 g
Amblyopus Lacordaire, 1842 g
Amblyscelis Gorham, 1888
Anadastus Gorham, 1887 g
Apolybas Alvarenga, 1965 g
Atomarops Reitter
Aulacochilus Lacordaire, 1842
Bacis Dejean, 1836 g
Barytopus Chevrolat, 1836 g
Bolerus Grouvelle
Brachypterosa Zablotny & Leschen, 1996
Caenolanguria Gorham, 1887 g
Cathartocryptus Sharp, 1886 i c g
Chinophagus Ljubarsky, 1997
Cladoxena Motschulsky
Coccimorphus Hope, 1841
Coelocryptus Sharp, 1900
Combocerus Bedel, 1868 g
Coptengis Crotch, 1876
Crotchia Fowler
Cryptodacne Sharp, 1878 g
Cryptophilus Reitter, 1874 i c g b
Cycadophila Xu, Tang & Skelley, 2015 g
Cypherotylus Crotch, 1873
Cyrtomorphus Lacordaire, 1842 g
Dacne Latrielle, 1796
Dactylotritoma Arrow, 1925 g
Dasydactylus Gorham, 1887 i c g b
Doubledaya White, 1850 g
Ellipticus Chevrolat, 1836 g
Empocryptus Sharp
Encaustes Lacordaire, 1842 g
Epilanguria Fowler, 1908 g
Episcapha Dejean, 1837
Episcaphula Crotch
Erotylina Curran, 1944 g
Erotylus Fabricius, 1775
Eutriplax Lewis, 1887
Haematochiton Gorham, 1888 i c g b
Hapalips Reitter, 1877 i c g b
Henoticonus Reitter, 1878
Hirsutotriplax Skelley, 1993 i c g b
Homoeotelus Hope, 1841
Hoplepiscapha Lea, 1922
Hornerotylus g
Iphiclus Chevrolat, 1836 g
Ischyrus Lacordaire, 1842 i c g b
Languria Latreille, 1802 i c g b
Langurites Motschulsky, 1860 i c g b
Lepidotoramus Leschen, 1997 i c g
Leucohimatium Rosenhauer, 1856
Ligurana Chûjô, 1974 g
Linodesmus Bedel, 1882
Loberogosmus Reitter
Loberonotha Sen Gupta and Crowson, 1969 i c g
Loberoschema Reitter
Loberus LeConte, 1861 i c g b
Lobosternum Reitter, 1875 i c g
Lybas Lacordaire, 1842 g
Macromelea Hope
Macrophagus Motschulsky
Megalodacne Crotch, 1873 i c g b
Megischyrus Crotch, 1873 g
Micrencaustes Crotch, 1875 g
Microlanguria Lewis
Microsternus Lewis, 1887 i c g b
Mycetaea Stephens, 1829
Mycolybas Crotch, 1876
Mycophtorus Lacordaire, 1842 g
Mycotretus Lacordaire, 1842 i c g b
Neocladoxena Maeda, 1974 g
Neodacne Chûjô, 1976 g
Neoloberolus Leschen, 2003 i c g
Neopriotelus Alvarenga, 1965 g
Neosternus Dai & Zhao, 2013 g
Neotriplax[verification needed]
Neoxestus Crotch, 1875 g
Oligocorynus Chevrolat, 1836 g
Oretylus Heller, 1920 g
Othniocryptus Sharp, 1900
Pachylanguria Crotch, 1875 g
Paederolanguria Mader, 1939 g
Paphezia Zablotny & Leschen, 1996
Paracladoxena Fowler
Paraxonotha g
Penolanguria Kolbe
Pharaxonotha Reitter, 1875 i c g b
Phricobacis Crotch, 1876 g
Platoberus Sharp
Prepopharus Erichson, 1847 g
Protoloberus Leschen, 2003 i c g
Pselaphacus Percheron, 1835 g
Pselaphandra Jacobson, 1904
Pseudhapalips Champion
Pseudhenoticus Sharp
Pseudischyrus Casey, 1916 i c g b
Pseudotritoma Gorham, 1888 g
Rhodotritoma Arrow, 1925 g
Scaphengis Gorham, 1888 g
Scaphidomorphus Hope, 1841 g
Scaphodacne Heller, 1918
Scelidopetalon Delkeskamp, 1957 g
Setariola Jakobson, 1915 g
Sphenoxus Lacordaire, 1842 g
Spondotriplax Crotch, 1875 g
Strongylosomus Chevrolat, 1836 g
Tapinotarsus Kirsch, 1865 g
Telmatoscius* Teretilanguria
Tetralanguria Crotch, 1875 g
Tetraphala g
Tetratritoma Arrow, 1925 g
Thallisella Crotch
Thallisellodes Arrow, 1925 g
Tomarops Grouvelle, 1903
Toramus Grouvelle, 1916 i c g b
Trapezidistes Fowler, 1887 g
Triplacidea Gorham, 1901
Triplax Herbst, 1793 i c g b
Tritoma Fabricius, 1775 i c g b
Truquiella b
Typocephalus Chevrolat, 1837 g
Xenocryptus Arrow, 1929
Xenohimatium Lyubarsky & Perkovsky, 2012 g
Xenoscelinus Grouvelle, 1910 g
Xenoscelis Wollaston, 1864 g
Xestus Wollaston, 1864 g
Zavaljus Reitter, 1880 g* Acropteroxys Gorham, 1887
Zonarius (= Oligocorynus)
Zythonia Westwood, 1874

Data sources: i = ITIS,[3] c = Catalogue of Life,[4] g = GBIF,[5] b =[6]

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