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Gastrophysa polygoni

Gastrophysa polygoni

Superregnum: Eukaryota
Cladus: Unikonta
Cladus: Opisthokonta
Cladus: Holozoa
Regnum: Animalia
Subregnum: Eumetazoa
Cladus: Bilateria
Cladus: Nephrozoa
Cladus: Protostomia
Cladus: Ecdysozoa
Cladus: Panarthropoda
Phylum: Arthropoda
Subphylum: Hexapoda
Classis: Insecta
Cladus: Dicondylia
Subclassis: Pterygota
Cladus: Metapterygota
Infraclassis: Neoptera
Cladus: Eumetabola
Cladus: Endopterygota
Superordo: Coleopterida
Ordo: Coleoptera
Subordo: Polyphaga
Infraordo: Cucujiformia
Cladus: Phytophaga
Superfamilia: Chrysomeloidea

Familia: Chrysomelidae
Subfamilia: Chrysomelinae
Tribus: Chrysomelini
Subtribus: Chrysomelina
Genus: Gastrophysa
Subgenus: Gastrophysa (Gastrophysa)
Species: Gastrophysa polygoni

Gastrophysa (Gastrophysa) polygoni (Linnaeus, 1758)
Original combination: Chrysomela polygoni


Linnaeus, C. 1758. Systema Naturae per regna tria naturæ, secundum classes, ordines, genera, species, cum characteribus, differentiis, synonymis, locis, Tomus I. Editio decima, reformata. Holmiæ: impensis direct. Laurentii Salvii. i–ii, 1–824 pp DOI: 10.5962/bhl.title.542: 370. Reference page.
LeSage, L.; Majka, C.G. 2009: Introduced leaf beetles of the Maritime Provinces, 8: Gastrophysa polygoni Linnaeus (Coleoptera: Chrysomelidae). Zootaxa, 2047: 48–62.


Gastrophysa polygoni Taxon details on Fauna Europaea
ZooBank: [1]
Gastrophysa polygoni (Chrysomelidae: Chrysomelinae) - atlas of leaf beetles of Russia

Vernacular names
lietuvių: Rūgtinis lapgraužis
Nederlands: Tweekleurig zuringhaantje
polski: Kałdunica rdestówka
русский: Гречишный листоед

Gastrophysa polygoni is a species of leaf beetle in the subfamily Chrysomelinae. It was described by Carl Linnaeus in 1758.[1] The species can be up to 5mm long and is green-blue in colour. The thorax is orange and the wing cases are a metallic green, and the beetle can be seen in spring and summer.[2]

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