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Superregnum: Eukaryota
Cladus: Unikonta
Cladus: Opisthokonta
Cladus: Holozoa
Regnum: Animalia
Subregnum: Eumetazoa
Cladus: Bilateria
Cladus: Nephrozoa
Cladus: Protostomia
Cladus: Ecdysozoa
Cladus: Panarthropoda
Phylum: Arthropoda
Subphylum: Hexapoda
Classis: Insecta
Cladus: Dicondylia
Subclassis: Pterygota
Cladus: Metapterygota
Infraclassis: Neoptera
Cladus: Eumetabola
Cladus: Endopterygota
Superordo: Coleopterida
Ordo: Coleoptera
Subordo: Polyphaga
Infraordo: Scarabaeiformia
Superfamilia: Scarabaeoidea

Familia: Scarabaeidae
Subfamilia: Scarabaeinae
Tribus: Sisyphini
Genera (3): NeosisyphusNesosisyphus - Sisyphus


Sisyphini Mulsant, 1842

Tribe Sisyphini (Scarabaeidae: Scarabaeinae) - Atlas of scarab beetles of Russia

Sisyphini is a tribe of scarab beetles, in the dung beetle subfamily (Scarabaeinae),[1] but it may now be combined with the Scarabaeini.[2] The middle and hind legs are very long; the relatively short body is laterally compressed and has flattened sides. Relative to other dung beetles they are of small to moderate size (7–10 mm long).[1]


All species fly during the day (diurnal). They are all ball-rollers: a ball is fashioned from the dung, and rolled away from it by a pair of beetles; the male pushes with the back legs and the female pulls with the front legs. A short tunnel is dug in the soil, and the ball is buried at the end of it. After reworking the ball, the female lays an egg in it. The brood is then abandoned; after hatching, larvae feed on the dung ball.[1]

There are three genera in this tribe:[3]

Nesosisyphus - Four species, all endemic to Mauritius
Neosisyphus - 24 species; 22 in Africa and two in the Oriental region
Sisyphus - 32 species; 20 in Africa


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Daniel, Gimo M.; Davis, Adrian L.V.; Sole, Catherine; Scholtz, Clarke H. (2018). "Taxonomic review of the tribe Sisyphini sensu stricto (Coleoptera: Scarabaeidae: Scarabaeinae) in southern Africa, including new species descriptions". Insect Systematics & Evolution. 51: 1–61. doi:10.1163/1876312X-00002195. S2CID 91940091.

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